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Human Rights
Welfare Rights Unions
100% Free Phone Chat
What's the Fuss About?
China Rises? Think Again
American Morality - A Glimmer of Hope on the Horizon
He Will Confirm A Covenant With the Many: The US - Israel Strategic Alliance - Part II
Since When is It Okay to Lie to the United States Congress?
Internet Resources - Honor The Fallen On Page One - Sleight of Hand — India, Iran, & the United States - The Good News Roundup - Dick Cheney's Covert Action - Weldon on the Warpath - Blood, Sweat & Tears - Looking for Peace in Iraq - A Less Fashionable War - Lords of War - Into the Soul of Iraq
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I Have a Dream (Remix 2006)
Indonesia Tsunami Aftermath and the Environmental Disaster
Condi Rice Receives More Than She Bargains For With Guitar Gift
Iran Only Wants to Build Nuclear Power Plants Not Weapons They Say?
Water Crisis Contingency and Redundancy Back-Up Planning
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Internet Resources
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Entertainment and Arts
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Boycott Buses in America Two Days Per Month
A Less Than Honorable Industy - The Oil Industry
Fight Terror, With Education
The Toledo Blade Hides Behind "Palestinian" Children
CIA Looking for a Few Good Homosexuals
Snowbirds and American Migration and Mobile Populations
Federal Trade Commission Must Be Terminated; It Serves No Purpose
Lance Rants on the UN, Iranian Showdown and Iraq War
Your Covenant with Death; Your Agreement with Hell; The US-Israel Strategic Alliance - Part I
Abandoning Corruption in Government
Internet Resources
Internet Resources
Deep Into a Dark and Dangerous Land
Are we Green? Do we Recycle? Canwe outlast the Dinosaurs?
Top 10 reason The Illuminati is Better than You and Me.
Nancy Pelosi and Neville Chamberlain
A Race Hanging By a Thread
Sleeping Dogs, Politics, and Politicians
Talking to an Iraqi
Biomass is Our Key to Plentiful and Affordable Liquid Fuels
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Set Term Limits on Congressmen Now!
Why Edward Abington, Jr. Must be Investigated!
On Democracy and Liberalism
Solving The Immigration Issue
ACLU or ACLJ - The Difference is Like Night and Day
Skull and Bones and the President of the United States
Ray Nagin Re-elected as New Orleans Mayor
Immigration Reform in the Senate Underway
Underground Civil Rights Movements Should Be Monitored
Government Workers Olympic Games
Internet Resources
A-Z of Global Warming- Fossil Fuels
We Can Break Oil Addiction Permanently
We Could Fix the Gas Crises Tomorrow
How Can We Detect and Stop Terrorist Acts from Happening?
Hillary Clinton
A Peaceful, Powerful and Cost Effective Counter Terrorism Plan that Ordinary Citizens Can Embrace
Obama Fallacy Will Open Gates of Hell in The Middle East
Barack Obamas Church: Climbing the Ladder
Karl Rove's Sly Deal With Fox? Wow, This Is Really Inside Stuff No One Could Discern
The Amazing Power Of Print
Internet Resources
Should We Accelerate Our Space Program?
Conservative or Liberal?
Protecting the American People Through Technology
A Republican Jew (No, It's Not an Oxymoron)
Think Tank Trends in 2006
No Child Left Behind needs to go Virtual
India Shining - Financial Bill 2006-07; Union Govt. of India
Turn the Federal Government Over to Wal Mart
The Day the Music Died - 911
RFID Tags Imbedded in Congressmen
Internet Resources
Securing Energy Independence for the USA
Making the Chaos of Life Your Greatest Friend
9/11 will Never Happen Again If...
Election 2008: How your vote has more impact?
Virginia's new DWI detection device
Bad Energy Policies Will Harm World Economies
The Glass Ceiling of The White House - For a Woman, It's More Like Solid Stone!
Greek Fire - A Terrifying Early Medieval Weapon
Internet Resources
Move Washington DC to New Orleans
Dying to Vote in Mississippi, Part I
Howard Dean; Political Rhetoric Heightened
Drugs; Is Education and Legalization the Answer?
Hibernian Rothschild Complex
Read This Article if You Want to Stop Big Brother
Ethanol, Water, Pollution, North Korea and Free Trade
Keep Your Eye on Your Local Village Trustees
Justice Department Lied
We Won the War in Iraq and Now Democracy Will Prevail
Internet Resources
Where Have All The War Jobs Gone?
Why Are All The War Jobs Being Outsourced?
Party Unity Is For Politicians, Not The People
HB 1660 and SB 300: A Model For America Starting In Pennsylvania
Alternatives to GM foods
If You Want Government to Listen, You've Got To Make the Ask!
John McCain for President? Yeah, Right.
Breaking the OPEC Chains
Workforce Development Programs Miss the Mark
Anti-Terrorism: Defending Against Terrorism
Internet Resources
Urban Renewal and Government Tax Receipts
Jobs and the Flow of Fuel
Are Our Nuclear Power Plants in All 50-States Safe?
Is Harry Belafonte A Naive Mouthpiece For The Far Left?
Our Politics Need A Tune Up
China / Walmart / USA
The Land of the Free?
The Iraq War Is Unfinished Bush Family Business
New Embryonic Stem Cell Method Might Split Supporters?
Immigration Reform: Let's Use Common Sense
Internet Resources
The Defense Intelligence Agency: Bringing Military Intelligence to the Armed Forces.
Excess Oil Profits or Healthy Economies?
Poor Arab Haters
Democrats?Learned Anything in the Last 8 Years?
Americans uncertain view of a gas tax holiday
Should we have urine testing for Welfare applicants?
Two Dangerous Men
Carbon Based Global Warming Is A Fraud! The Ruse At The Muse Exposed!
Bob Miller, You're Way Too Cruel
The Impact of the War on the American Economy
Internet Resources
Should We Build a Fence on the Border?
Consumer Protection Division at FTC Misrepresents Fact on SPAM
What To Do About The Illegal Immigrants? We Can't Make Them Leave
Unions, Politics, and the Border with Mexico
I Do Not Consider Myself a Liberal; I am a Moderate Democrat
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Appalling Remarks While Thousands Suffer
Speak Loudly and Carry a Twig?
Conspiracy Theorists Call for President Bush Administration Resignation
Democrat Information Websites Purport Misinformation
Relations With China
Internet Resources
Airport Transfer
14 Patriotic Quotes to Honor Those We Remember on Memorial Day
The Neurosis of Success
Jazzing Up Your Advocacy Efforts: Lessons from New Orleans
Business Owner & Freedom Fighter in one
12 Famous John F. Kennedy Quotes To Commemorate The Day of His Birth
The Credit Crisis Is Fuelled By Fuel Prices
Gangs: Cults In Disguise
Misogyny Is A Psychiatric Illness!!
10 Patriotic Quotes to Celebrate Flag Day
Internet Resources
America Loses Italy's Elections
United States Senate Does Not Pass The Flag Desecration Amendment
Almost the Whole Truth and Nothing but Almost the Truth, So help me God
Politics and Friends on the Web
French Riot Holographic Training for Police
Debate on Torturing International Terrorists
Liberal News Media Attack Rumsfeld Again? Lance Rants
Climate Change Analysts Decry Global Warming Alarmists
Al Queda is No Match for the NSA, CIA and the FBI
Denmark Cartoons or Islamic Caricatures - Six of One or Half Dozen of the Other
Internet Resources
The Boss Endorses Barack Obama
Barack Obama Suspected of Plagiarism
Science Fiction Weapon Comes True
Alicia Keys Blames Gangster Rap on the Government
Militias Increase Their Presence Online
Interpretation of the Equal Pay Act Clarified
The Folly of Making Ethanol from Food Crops
Passion and the Democratic Party
Presidential Hopefuls Get Ready to Rumble
United They Stand; Divided They Fall Barack and Hillary
Internet Resources
Abatement and Progressive Cleaning Programs
What Would Barry Goldwater Do?
The Principles of Anarcho-Communism
Exerting Influence
Congressman Mike Doyle Confirms Strategy - Troops To Come Home Because of Murtha!
The Homestead Revolution - Part II
The Real Cost of War
Illegal Aliens at Car Washes Busted
Abuse of Democracy in the Philippines
Abatement and Conducting of Practice Drills Makes Sense
Internet Resources
Are Republicans Thugs?
Three Challenges Defining Social-Political Sustainability
Two American Soldiers Going It Alone by Bob Miller
President Potato Head and His Christian Soldiers
10 Patriotic Quotes to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo
Mythology Alive and Well
The Campfires of Fools
I am a happy person but..
Please Save RIF
Internet Resources
Alan Greenspan - A Retrospective
Immigration Ignorance
Abatement of Nuclear Weapons in Iran
Wake Up Democrats (Part 1)
The Minute Men Border Vigilante Controversy; Case Study
Boots on the Moon - Lunacy Run Amuck
About Spain - the Spanish Language and Delicate Issues
How George Bush, Tony Blair, and John Howard Are Manipulating the Western World
International Law, Dangerous Precedents, and Reality Check
Read This Article if You Want to Stop Illegal Immigration
Internet Resources
Why So Corrupt?
Personal Automobiles and Global Warming: Inescapably Bound
Social-Political Sustainability: The Human Element
Learn How to Travel While Stopping Global Warming
The Commercial Solar Electrical Power System At Spring Lake Inn Is Helping To Stop Global Warming!
Sacha Baron Cohen is Back with Bruno
Open Letter to Cable News Personalities
Why I LOVE Tax Day: A Perspective from the Advocacy World
Spit, Urine and Dung
Chinese Politics, influences of the past, feeling of "déjà vu"
Internet Resources
The Only Real Evil is Government Bureaucracy
Enemies Among Us
For they know not what they do; Federal Regulators destroying business
Bio Fuel and Bio Diesel
About Spain, Immigration and the Satellite Dish
Time to Take the Propaganda out of the Environment Debate
Decriminalization and Legalization of Drugs in America
A Line In The Sand
Internet Resources
Key Energy Technologies for Booming World Economies
What Have You Done?
Could You Answer Some Questions
Garth Turner - His Journey on Parliament Hill
Slight Of Hand Politicians, Lawyers, Judges, Bankers, Corporate Moguls - Scoundrels All
Politics in the Media: Reading Between the Lines
Does The Democratic Party Have Any Grownups?
Dangers and Opportunities: The Future of Greenwash
Freedom Of The Press Threatened By Tennessee Police Chief
The Iraq War | Five Years Later and We are Still There
Internet Resources
It's A Little Late, Mr. Chertoff!
Its a Corrupted, Corrupted, Corrupted World !
Border Security and Illegal Immigration May Divide the Democratic Party
Vice President?
Palestinians Do Not Have Enough Money for Weapons
"In God We Trust" or "Novus Ordo Seclorum"
Heading For a European Constitution
Rand Institute and Pre-emption Policies Using Nuclear Derrents
Read this Article if You are Upset at High Fuel Prices
Wanted: And It Had Better Be Alive
Internet Resources
Recession Answers
John Edwards Should Be President
14 Abraham Lincoln Quotes to Celebrate His Birth
The Commander In Chief Has The Vapors.... Again
Can Sustainable Development Be Clean AND cheap? A Promising 'Carbon Credits' Case Study
What is the Outlook for the Availability of Fossil Fuels?
Biofuels: A-Z of Global Warming
The Power to Feed the World? A Tale of Sustainable Development, BioEngineering, and Citizen Activism
HB 1660: A Model For America
Life Just Ain't What It Used To Be
Internet Resources
Barbarism Anyone?
The US Marine Corp is Great; Know It, Live It, and Believe It
Tearing Down the Walls in 2006
Brazil-Corruption Reigns in South America's Top Economic Power
Illegal Aliens are Starting to Act Out
Government Workers Work at a Snails Pace
The Yitzhak Rabin Murder Video (the Kempler Video)
Liberals Lie in Blogs to Shape Opinion
An Insider's Guide to the NeoCon World: Get Ready to Meet the Wolves of Fate
Seattle Needs a Volcano to Clear Out the Liberals
Internet Resources
The Example Of Las Vegas
The Perfection of Al Gore
How to "Trick" Your Legislators Into Getting What You Want
Why the Legislative Process is Like Thanksgiving Dinner
Poverty And Politics
Facts About the Second Most Controversial Topic in America - The First Is Abortion
Faith As The Basis for Presidential Decision-Making
Governor Huckabee: Will you Go on Record?
Pakistan, & the Myth of Islamic Terrorism
What is holding back the adoption of Solar Generated Electricity in the United States?
Internet Resources
What Ever Happened to the Side-Hill Troggler?
Reforming the Criminal Justice System
OSHA Needs Rules and Regulations Overhaul
Iran Builds Support Among Muslim Nations
The Game is Afoot Indeed
Lance Rants on the Irrelevance of President Bush Poll Numbers
It's About Takeover Not Immigration
U.S. House Plans to Improve Reverse Mortgages
The Four Phases to The Iraq War
Can Anyone Beat Hillary Clinton for President?
Internet Resources
On Politics - One of the Most Lucrative Jobs in America - Part 3
Cuba Can Teach Us About Healthcare
The United States Failing War On Drugs
Strong Medicine for the Immigration Problem
What Happened To Our Democracy?
Will You Rise To The Global Warming Challenge?
Momma's, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Lobbyists
10 Questions that Reveal Who Should Be Our Next President
Michael Moore's SICKO Misses Best Solution: Health Savings Accounts
The Rational For Establishing World Peace
Internet Resources
Debate on Legalizing Drugs Rages On
The UN Springs into Action
Abandoning Amtrak
Iran: First Stop to Establish Democracy in the Middle East
The North Korean Empire Leader May Now Come Back to the Negotiation Table
PC and Human Righteousness
The U.S. Settles Accounts with Belarus
Bloggers Supporting International Terrorists
Politics - Is It Good At All?
Is the Federal Government, Michael Brown and FEMA to Be Blamed for Hurricane Katrina at New Orleans?
Internet Resources
Can You Think Of Who Would Benefit From Establishing World Peace?
The Problems Within Ukrainia
How much will you and your children pay
Geothermal Generated Electricity - Is It a Viable Energy Option?
Lessons from JazzFest: Five Strategies for Effective Advocacy
Can the USA Be Fossil Fuels Independent by 2050?
Sustainable Development: The Role of Coal
Alternatives to Torture, part 2
YOU CAN & YOU WILL - Become Everything You Want (Part 1)
On Politics: News Writers Are Really Political Hacks - Part 2
Internet Resources
The Reason There Can Never Be Peace on Earth
Iraq's Information Minister Comical Ali was Right
Investigation of Gas Prices on Big Oil
Slobodan Milosevic Found Dead
Deportation Feeds a Cycle of Violence in Central America
Protecting Consumers Against Fraud and Deception
It's That Time Of The Year Again!
How the Poor Were Lost
The Four Basic Obligations of the Government
Should Rhode Island Kennedy Still Serve?
Internet Resources
Americans Work, Why Doesn't America?
A Message To All Peace Activist And Peace Seekers
The Nursing Shortage and Catman Cohen: An Artist Memorializes The U.S. Nursing Shortage Plight
16 Winston Churchill Quotes to Celebrate His Birthday
How To Really Save Planet Earth: A Test About Al Gore
Dark Secret About Education Part II
Sustainable Development: What does it mean and who wants to tell you?
Can A Black Man With Power And Influence Survive In America?
Term Limits Already Exist
Immigration Woes, Part Three
Bush Administration and the Road to Alternative Fuels
American Exceptionalism and American International Security Policy (After September 11)
Were Dubya's Inane Responses Presidential or Deliberately Engineered Non Sequitors?
11 Million Illegal Aliens or 24 Million; Which is It?
Does Anything Make Any Sense Anymore? (Part 2)
America: Painting The White House Red
Does the United States Use Propaganda On Its People?
Retired Generals - Should We Listen to Them?
Internet Resources
World Peace: The Misconception And The Truth
Washington State Insurance Commissioner Stands Up to Insurance Industry
Wizarding Your Way to Advocacy Success: Five Rules From Harry Potter
Animal Rights Is A Dirty Word
Warehousing Our Elderly
On Politics - Giuliani Is a Pro Choice Republican - Part 1
Applying Back to School Enthusiasm to Advocacy
Alternatives to Education Meltdown
Technology and Politics
Be an Einstein at Advocacy: Five Tips From Grassroots Geniuses
Internet Resources
Capitol Criminals
Illegal Protests; The Beginning of a Movement
Illegal Aliens with American Flags? An Observation
With Liberty And Justice For All?Even Republicans
Illegal Immigration Issues In the News; Lance Rants
National Guard Needed for Illegal Immigration Protesters if Venezuela Arms Them
Just How Well are Authorities Doing Patrolling Our Borders?
Homosexual Movement Disenchanted With Politics in America
Heading For a European Constitution (4)
Chile's Success Proves Neo-Liberalism Works
Internet Resources
On Politics- We Are a Nation Divided When It Comes to the "a" Word - Part 5
Tough Love: Why the Federal Reserve Should NOT Cut Interest Rates
We Have Failed the Mentall Ill
Climate Change: Four Myths Debunked
When Can the USA be Fossil Fuels Independent?
Momma Always Told You, Don't Play In The Street
Technology and Politics; The Internet's Influence on Politics
Bite The Bullet...
The False Promise Of Ethanol
Information The Government Makes Public About You
Internet Resources
Bolivia - From "La Paz" to "La Guerra?"
SEC Needs Rules and Regulations Overhaul
Canada Immigration Visas
Washington DC Still Flooding and They Deserve It
Where's the Outrage - Remember August 2005
Illegal Aliens and Paper Card Social Security Cards
Grandma Hillary Clinton Running for Office?
Oil Pollution and What It Is Doing to our World
FDA Needs Rules and Regulations Overhaul
The Cult In Multiculturalism
Internet Resources
Misogyny--Sick As Ever?
The Survivability of our Species Matters - Support Space Exploration
March Madness on Capitol Hill (And I Don't Mean Basketball)
On Politics - Propaganda Is Now Disguised as News - Part 4
The Question Is, Margaret, How Deep Is The Recession
Alternatives to catching criminals
Health Care and Michael Moore: Who?s the real ?SICKO??
The Secret About Our Healthcare System
Michael Moore In America's Living Room
Sustainable Development on the Stump: Environmental Policies of Obama, Clinton, and McCain
Internet Resources
Kirchner Improves Support Base in Congress
Illegal Alien Boycott May 1, 2006; Scheme Out of Gay and Lesbian Playbook
Who is Really to Blame for this Massive Illegal Immigration?
Some People in the Middle East Think that the US cannot Defeat International Terrorism? WTF
Lie Detector Tests for All Politicians
Time To Re-think Poverty Problem - 1971 Editorial
Homosexuality Running Ramped in Mexico
International Terrorists Have More Rights Than President of the United States?
The Dilemma Of Human Rights - 1978 Editorial
Sean Hannity: Direct and Sincere
Internet Resources
Barack Obama a Candidate for Christians
A Tale of Two Hurricane Cities
Objections To A Single-Payer Plan In America
Affordability of Solar PV Generated Electricity
A Job Description for Congress
Should a global climate agreement hold the US to a higher environmental standard than the rest of th
12 Martin Luther King Quotes To Light The Way
Alternatives to Torture, 1
Conflict of Interest between Drug Companies and Doctors
12 George Washington Quotes to Remember His Birthday
Internet Resources
Gambling and the 20th century Rulers Part2
How to Identify a Fake Navy SEAL
Annexations In Early 1900s Aided Los Angeles Building And Construction
Search Arizona Public Records - In Search for the Best Option
Most Common Wrong Perceptions about U.S. Navy SEALs
Search Us Public Records Online - Nuances And Controversies
find people by phone number - what online directories can offer
King Of Spain Could Be The Last
Search Florida Public Records - How To Go About It
Manipulate Search Engines to Locate Legal Representation
Internet Resources
Abortion: Legalized Child Sacrifice On The Altar Of Humanism
Panamanians Turn Date Of US Invasion Into Day Of Mourning
The A-Z of Global Warming: Amazon
Alien Invasions from Secret Space
Good Guys Finish Last
Needed: Curious Leaders
Grassroots and the Elections
How The Power Of The People Can Affect World Peace
Extendable Term Limits
Witness to History... again!
Internet Resources
First Defeat Of The Axis Powers On Land
Lt. Michael P. Murphy
The Final Loss of Credibility
Who was Tutankhamun?
Americans Defend Against Tyrany
Confederate Military Records
Auschwitz-Birkenau changed its name
What is the Green Card Lottery About?
Lt. Thomas R. Norris
Seeing It From Bob Miller's Point Of View
Internet Resources
Benefits of Petitioning Online
Thailand?s Military - Multinational Support
The Healthcare Crisis In Pennsylvania
The US Tax Code: An Open Letter to Madam Chairperson Pelosi
What George Lacks In Intellect He Makes Up For In Stupidity
Tony Blair - Turkey and Iraq
A Well-Deserved Spanking
Avoiding the "Don't They Knows": Effective Advocacy Messages
Is There Anything More Disingenuous Than a Whining, Petulant Political Party in America?
Petroleum, the Triple Threat to World Economies
Internet Resources
Michigan Militia Increases Tactical Training for 2008 Elections
Military Communication During Government Deployments
The Machinery And Equipment Utilized By The Los Angeles Police Department
Find Address by Phone Number - Pranksters Beware
What Does It Mean To Be Politically Independent?
US Navy SEAL operations in Iraq
Empty Holsters Leave Students Feeling Defenseless
What You Need to Know About the Green Card Lottery
Republic Of Columbia Birth Certificate Translated To English
Internet Resources
The Day the Music Died - 911
Textual Images of Iraq
Law Of Attraction: Clinton, Biden Blame Bush, but are Just As Responsible for War in Iraq
How to Become a Navy SEAL
Peace is Not Paved With Violence
Are Dual Citizens Subject to Military Call-up
My First Night In Bangkok: 28 June 1973
What Does It Really Mean To Be A U.S. Citizen?
Disaster in the Soviet Union The Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown
Point and Click Democracy: Why It Doesn't Work
Internet Resources
The Gun Lobby is a Role Model?
The Vietnam War: What Role Did Outside Countries Play?
Understanding DWI
An Overview of The Iraq War
Non-Profit Organization Collects Ink Cartridges for Soldiers
An Overview Of The Vietnam War
Special Operations Units of the World
US Navy SEALs: Myths, Legends, and Truths
The US Marine Corps: A Brief History Of The Marines
Space Shuttle Good To Go After Fourth of July Holiday
Internet Resources
The Need For The Navy Reserve To Mobilize Sailors
The Real Political Spectrum
Reduce your global warming impact using your gas purchasing to reward the eco oil companies
A New Age Of Feminism
Mohammad Yunus And The New Revolutionaries
Top Ten Things to Know About US Navy SEALs
The Top 10 Questions Ordinary Joes Should Think About Our Democracy
Valuable Civil War Antiques
Equal Rights Includes Homosexuals
Tour Information | Traveling Information | Localbustours
Internet Resources
James Blackston Genealogy
Reasons Why People are Anti Bush
Ways To Connect to Troops
San Francisco Gun Ban Knocked Down
Government Obstacles On The House Building High Road
The Amazing Cabanatuan POW Camp Rescue
Participa en el Campeonato Europeo de Poker en Línea II
Lt. Robert "Bob" Kerrey
The True Story of The American Independence
Petty Officer Michael Edwin Thornton
Internet Resources
Delta Force to New Orleans
Iraq Military Preparedness
Would An Elected Official's Credit Score Affect Your Vote?
Longmont Colorado
Iraq Oil - The Spoils of Victory
Who Do You Read?
Cope Tiger 2007
The Great Giza Pyramid: a message bound in stone
Nuclear Power and Iran Today
George W. Bush Took the Only Road Available
Internet Resources
Remembering the Battle of Iwo Jima
Masaru Emoto
Interesting history about Peru to help amplify your experience when visiting.
Challenge from a Right Wing Nut Job
Avoiding an IRS Audit
Local Firefighters An Important Part of Los Angeles Community And Government
Natural Disasters Spark Debate Over Flood Insurance Reform
2006 Elections: Democratic Republic of Congo's Best and Last Hope?
Free Public Police Records
US Navy SEAL operations in Afghanistan
Internet Resources
The Peak Oil Crisis and Water Supply
Do Blogs Dynamically Transform the Modern American Political Culture
The Power Of Flower Paintings
Air Force Ammo Troops And Weapons Loader
President Bush and the GREAT MYTHS of Iraq
Ten Most Famous Navy SEALs
How to get an elected official to listen -- in less than 15 minutes!
History Of Freshwater Cultured Pearls
The Silence was Deafening
Top Ten Plus One Reasons to Visit Thailand
Internet Resources
A Tour of the Navy SEAL Museum
Bob Miller's "Kill Me If You Can, You SOB"
History & Background information on Congressional Medal of Honor
LAFD Joins In To Extinguish California Wildfires
Discover the USMC Challenge Coin
A Historical Look At Building And Construction In Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA - Food And Drink
The Spurious Hero
What Do Navy SEALs Do When They Retire?
Internet Resources
Will America Patrol Iraq in Tanks?
Navy SEALs vs Green Berets (Differences, Similarities)
Charisma in Politics Is Not Only About Good Looks
Al Gore's Defeat or His Finest Hour?
Why Are We Still in Iraq? (Part 2)
Navy SEALs vs. Army Rangers (Differences, Similarities)
Getting Ready for Election Season
Should English Be Declared the World?s Official Common Language?
Angels and Christianity
Internet Resources
Conflict Over Water Rights Involves Los Angles Agriculture And Forestry Industries
Gambling and the 20th century Rulers Part1
Milton?s Veterans Memorial
Ancient Rome: the city founded by Romulus
What is Absinthe?
European Special Operation Units
History of Melayu
Just So We Have Our Priorities Straight!
Richland County South Carolina Public Records
US Navy SEAL Fitness Training
Internet Resources
Local Newspapers - Still As Relevant As Ever?
Mr. Bin Laden: Tear this Wall Down
The Stryker Assault Vehicle
Seven Ways International Organizations Can Get the U.S. Government to Listen ? and Act!
Major Bruce P. Crandall - Recognizing the brave and courageous
Tibor Rubin - Symbolic Significance
Whose Land is That?
Definitive Advice on Barack Obama - President Hopeful
Vanunu's "Unpardonable Sin"?
Wake Up Democrats (Part 2)
Internet Resources
Democrats, Here is Your Platform: "It's Time for a Change!"
Who Is Bob Miller?
US Navy SEAL Teams Brief History
Navy SEALs vs Foreign Commandos - Differences
US Navy SEAL Missions History
Gambling and the 20th century Rulers Part4
Church A Big Part of Los Angeles Community And Government
Back to The Future With Germany
The History Of Traditional Toys
Secret Divorces and Marriages Can Be Uncovered
Internet Resources
Air Force Medical Team Performs Goodwill Mission In Thailand
How to Buy Navy SEAL Merchandise: Navy SEAL T-shirts, Luminox Navy SEAL Dive watches and more
The Past of Ancient Egypt Simplified
Iraq Study Group ? Calling Thomas Jefferson
What Is A Guardian Angel?
AirForce C.A.P. Emergency Services Search and Rescue And New Radios
Iran and Nuclear Power
Six Years later ? A Failed Presidency
Troop Surge in Iraq will deepen Quagmire
Nichts ist unmöglich
Internet Resources
America: The Presidents, The Politics And The Wars
Cheap Military Prepaid Calling Cards For Government Employees
History of Military Tanks Of WW I
Top 5 Hollywood Moments of US Navy SEALs
DWI in Texas - Driving While Intoxicated
Legal Regulations to Curtail Underage DWI
Gambling and the 20th century Rulers Part3
A Brief Overview Of The History Of Cyprus
A Cheap Holiday in Other People's Misery (catching up with Mordechai Vanunu in Israel)
The A-10 And Should The B-52 Be Retired For Good
Internet Resources
Health Savings Accounts Put You in Control of Your Healthcare
15 Leadership Quotes for Presidents Day
Europe And NATO Are Making Defense Efforts For Security Strategies
New Weapons For The US Military
They Thirst for Water and Justice
You Can & Will Become Everything You Want ! (Part 2 of 2)
Iraq - Strategic Options
Big Changes in Pension Plans, but Long Term Care Untouched
Mayor Bloomberg says, ?Shooting Unacceptable?
Is a Worldwide Common Language just over the Horizon?
UN Atomic Chief Sees No Breakthrough At Meeting On Iran's Nuclear Programme
Sityodtong Muay Thai Legacy
Lost in Translation: California Community Dispute Resolution Programs Denied Funding
Jason L. Dunham: An epitome of bravery
Paul R. Smith
Are You Prepared For A Water Supply Disruption?
Thailand?s Peacekeeping Role in Southeast Asia
Most Important Weapons of Choice for US Navy SEALs
Do Guardian Angels Exist?
No Penalty for Early Withdrawal
Alternatives to being Roman
Abatement of Cactus in Border Security
Ultimate Sacrifice
2008: Election Of Your Life
Internet Resources
Basic Tips to Understand State Adoption Requirements