Immigration Ignorance

It's sad to say, but until today, I had no idea why there are so many people protesting the proposed immigration bill. Since there is such a buzz, I decided to do a little research. I had to ask the question, other than a cool way to skip a few days of school, what is this all about?.First Things First. 500,000 people don't show up anywhere unless they have been invited, there's food involved, or both. So, this is where I decided to start my investigation.

Who invited all of these people?.Be Very, Very Quiet. Amazingly, the major news organizations did not publish who organized these protests. In fact, organizers were not even mentioned in most of the articles.

In the articles that did mention organizers, they were not named. Isn't that strange?.Birds of a Feather. The initial clue was when Hillary Clinton came out strongly against the immigration bill. In an article on MSNBC, she said the bill, "would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself.".

Generally, when Senator Clinton comes out strongly in favor of something, I am strongly opposed. This strong showing of support pointed me in a direction. Then, listening to Michael Savage on the radio, the answer came to me. An organization called International ANSWER was one of the major organizers for this event.According to Wikipedia, International ANSWER "is a radical anti-American, anti-capitalist protest organization which has taken a leading role in the post-9/11 anti-war movement.".

What Do You Think Now? Now, it all makes sense. While we are a nation of immigrants, we are also a nation of laws. It is critical in these times to always show compassion to people. As we all know, there are legal channels for people from other countries to become American citizens, and we should continue to welcome legal immigrants with open arms. However, if people from other countries want to start their relationship with America by breaking the law, why should we support that behavior? If they are willing to break that law, would any law be immune?.


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By: Bill Tyler

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