Government Workers Work at a Snails Pace

Have you ever been in line at a government agency and watched the slowness of the work force? Do you know why this is? It is because the blob of bureaucracy rewards inefficiency and punishes hard work ethic. It is because the these government agencies cannot get more budget next year if they do not spend all they have this year plus ten percent. It is because these agencies ruin the people who go to work there for personal reasons of helping people. Bureaucracies are so caught up in their own procedures often decades ole that they cannot deal with anything out of the ordinary, new or innovative.Government workers learn quick that they get the same amount of money and will advance quicker if they do not think and just do their job.

They learn that the best way to stay out of trouble is to work slow and not show anyone up. Thus the entire agency mimics the slowest worker in the group. Why do we are a citizenry put up with this? After all we own the government yet we are allowing them to waste our money and give us half ass service, why? Who should we blame the blob of bureaucracy or the slow workforce, which learns it is better not to care? And who says we have to blame anyone but ourselves for not calling this inefficient system into check. Small government is beautiful trust me.

Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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