National Guard Needed for Illegal Immigration Protesters if Venezuela Arms Them

Some people believe that there is more behind the legal immigration and illegal alien protests, boycotts, rallies and demonstrations. In fact since they were conducted on May Day, which is a Communist holiday some attribute this to the possibility that Cuba's Fidel Castro and even perhaps the President of Venezuela are behind some of these protests either financially or organizationally.Whether or not this is true may be beside the point, because if in the future the Venezuelan President decides to arm insurgents into the United States of America who pose as illegal aliens we could have a major problem and just like the MS 13 gangs, drug dealers and criminals we need protection against these invaders to our country. It is the job of the United States Military and United States Federal Government to protect the American People and the states against foreign invaders.

The foreign nationals who are in the streets of America protesting are indeed illegal aliens and have no right to be here. I cannot name is single nation in the World today that would put up with foreign nationals protesting in their streets; can you? United States of America citizenry should not be subjected to these protests by illegal aliens who were not even allowed to be our nation.Nor should the United States Senate or United States Congress cave into any demands they seek, even if those demands appear to be reasonable, as it sends the wrong message to future foreign interests who wish to modify our nation or win a political victory in the courts of World Public Opinion.

All protesters who are not US Citizens must be deported immediately. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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