Grandma Hillary Clinton Running for Office

Will Hillary Clinton become a grandmother before she runs for president of the United States of America? That will certainly be interesting won't it? Grandma Hillary Clinton for president. That might look good on a bumper sticker.Many people believe the grandparents are great people to run for office because they care about the Next Generation. But what if they do not like their kids and they will be dying soon, so they will make short-term decisions, which could hurt America.Also consider someone who was born a long time ago may have a different outlook on life and well it may not be very progressive and that could be a scary thing for the future considering how fast the world is moving with technological advances in the present period and in future periods.

It might be kind of cool to have a grandmother in office as president of the United States. And just think Bill Clinton will be the first man. No, I'm not saying he will be Adam like in the Bible in the Garden of Eden, he will be the first man, because we call the wife of the president the first lady?.I don't think Bill Clinton could be called the first gentleman, but what the hell? Additionally you will call him whenever you want and I see many people already have. Will the American people elect a Grandma to the oval office? Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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