International Law Dangerous Precedents and Reality Check

Regarding International Law, Treaties and Agreements. In reality it is not as it seems. On the surface we all pretend to be on the up and up. The United States is a very proper nation in terms of our treaties and agreements and have been for hundreds of years, but no one else is; i.e. Oil-4-Foods, 3800 Chinese Spies in D.

C., French Foreign Legion spying and shenanigans, Israeli spying, Russian Spying, Syrian games all supposedly on our side in or declared non-hostiles.Today we have extortion negotiations and threats from Nation States of nuclear weapons manufacturing and rogue elements of International Terrorism. Deadly combination. We must protect the American People and our allies while we are at it. We should not kid ourselves, the UN is used as a spy organization for many and many dangerous precedents were set by the International Terrorist element and their nation state secret sponsors during 9-11, Madrid Train, Egypt bombings, Bali, The Tube, Philippine ferry, etc.

A dangerous precedent was also set in believing that we could deal in a world where guns, drugs, oil, precious gems and arms are considered stronger trading commodities and preferred over most actual currencies. The most dangerous precedent of all is assuming that the rest of the World is playing fair just because we are and it is also a dangerous precedent to be in denial that we can fight International Terrorism in the present period using cake and cookies. I say to the Islamic World, why can't you control your own people?.Why is it our problem for the Islamic World not dealing with their problem, now suddenly it is our problem and we have to deal with it? So we should by any and all means possible and at a time and place of our choosing.

And since we cannot be loved and respected, it stand to reason that we should strive to be the second best choice; "Feared and Respected." Appeasement isn't working whether a socialist nightmare country that Ayn Rand warned us about, a communist nation state, a banana republic or a Great Republic like the United States of America.

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By: Lance Winslow

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