Set Term Limits on Congressmen Now - Let?s quit screwing around with congressmen and congresswomen.

Why Edward Abington Jr Must be Investigated - "The American Diplomat in Arafat's Corner," published in The Jerusalem Report, came as no surprise to me.

On Democracy and Liberalism - Many people suggest that as democracy spreads around the globe, we will see an emergence of liberal societies.

Solving The Immigration Issue - Immigration is not the problem today; it is infestation.

ACLU or ACLJ The Difference is Like Night and Day - The ACLU has championed many causes since it was founded in 1920 by Mr.

Skull and Bones and the President of the United States - Some conspiracy theorists warn that the Skull and Bones secret society is indeed a problematic issue, when several Presidents have been members of that secret society.

Ray Nagin Reelected as New Orleans Mayor - It appears that the Chocolate People of New Orleans, as Ray Nagin calls them have in fact re-elected him as their Mayor.

Immigration Reform in the Senate Underway - Well it seems as if every decade or so we have this debate again over illegal immigration and it is always the same problem.

Underground Civil Rights Movements Should Be Monitored - Many people condemn the FBI for keeping tabs on underground civil rights movements and the monitoring, which goes on.

Government Workers Olympic Games - The Olympic games have become less and less interesting since the fall of the Soviet Empire, our only true international competitor in both athletics and war (The Cold War).

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