Underground Civil Rights Movements Should Be Monitored

Many people condemn the FBI for keeping tabs on underground civil rights movements and the monitoring, which goes on. Many think this is very un-American and unjust and violates our rights as citizens. Where as I am much for citizen rights I also know that a lot goes on behind the scenes in civil rights movements.Let's take the fringe group in the environmental cause; the eco-terrorists, who use crime to make headlines and indeed use terrorist acts to cause a change. Such criminals must be monitored.

Now what about the gay and lesbian marriage rights movement, that seems safe right? Sure it is, but what about the fringe groups of the gay and lesbian community? How safe are they? In debating this in an online forum after receiving threats from a member of the gay fringe against my person and a boycott of my business, I have a different opinion than the untrained observer. One gay activist stated;."I'm skeptical of much of what you're asserting. If this did happen to you, and you have this proof and what not, is it possible that that was just a strange isolated incident? Or that you were perhaps misinterpreting and thinking people's efforts were more interconnected than they actually were?".

I have considered if it was an isolated incident, actually until I started reading up on things with other companies and the Ford anti-PR when that first came out; not later when everyone mellowed out. Additionally I am not delusional, I live in the real world. Nor do I believe in coincidence when I have been threatened ahead of action or event.But as the activist lives in denial of their own fringe groups we see that when confronted they attack, because they defend their fringe, having the same goals, even though that fringe can be damaging to the cause. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" syndrome, but are straight people really the enemy of the gay and lesbian community? Most likely not; however the Christian Right has their own fringe, which definitely is. Thus the gay activists attempts to counter consideration of actual experience and observation in stating:.

"I mean, you already accused me of breaking the law once in this conversation.".In hearing this logic we simply re-stated the actual previous conversation; re-read that statement, you said you were the fringe using my definition [17-28 gay males, who extort, slander, intimidate, break laws, etc.] I therefore said well if you are the fringe that would do such things then that is sickening.

No one accused you of anything, you volunteered for a definition and label I created. I will not allow you to play victim, if you want to be a victim sign up for the Donald Trump show and get your rear end "fired." You are denied the right to play victim in an attempt to manipulate my feelings or call me another name such as Paranoid, Schizophrenic, Bigot, Homophobic, as we already went thru all those tactics have we not? Since you are denied the opportunity to play victim now lets move to the next topic.Gay activist states; "You do seem to think people are far more connected together than they really are.

Like there's some secret network or conspiracy. It really does sound kind of loopy from my perspective.".

Let's just say I am in the know to a lot of what goes on in the World. It is not so secret really and it is not a conspiracy, it is network like any other growing in numbers, important positions and available resources. It just is? Washington DC, for instance check it out sometime? SF, Seattle, LA, Boston, MD and etc.

, well lets just say that there is a lot going on. Some is totally out in the open, yet a lot is not in open, but the network grows.Now my question to America is if the Gay Fringe is mixed in with government, law enforcement and are lawyers, then how can we as Americans protect our rights if others are willing usurp the law.

And how do we catch them if we do not monitor their criminal activities? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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