Solving The Immigration Issue

Immigration is not the problem today; it is infestation. There are to many people today who migrate to the US with no desire to accept our way of life. They come here and want us to change our way of life to accommodate their culture. The culture they abandoned to come here. Generations ago people migrated here to become American.

They were proud to learn our language and our way of life. We must never forget the traditions that built this country. We have to protect our culture and those traditions that built this, the must successful nation on earth. All those who would like to join our culture and except our traditions are welcome all those who want to change it are not.Solution.

With estimates of up to tens of millions of illegal immigrants already here I say, ignore them, for now. Instead of countless man-hours and resources to find those already here, use that energy to immediately increase border protection with manpower and technology. At the same time the border security is being increased change some laws here in America.1. Change the birth right law. Other countries do not have this law and nor should we.

It made sense 200 years ago but no longer. If a child is born here and the parent(s) is a citizen of the U.S.

then so is the child (with appropriately filing a birth certificate of course). If the parents are here illegally then all are apprehended and deported. You're welcome for the free medical care now it is time to go home.2.

Change the legislation between local police, hospitals and federal agencies. Hospitals must be officially sanctioned to notify the local police and the police must be able to detain illegal aliens and promptly notify the proper federal agency.[i].3. Enforce the laws against businesses that employ undocumented workers. Employers should have to pay both the federal and IRS penalties.

This will ultimately discourage the employing of illegal aliens and make it less luring for the illegal aliens to continually gamble their life getting across the border.[ii].For those that are already here who have had children that are already considered legal citizens (this is why that law must change) can use their children as sponsors for the proper procedures of seeking legal residency.

They should be allowed to file for legal residency because of their children but denied citizenship because they committed a crime during the process of getting here."What does it mean when your first act is to break the laws of your new country? What does it mean when you know you are implicitly supported in lawbreaking by that nation's ruling elite? What does it mean when you know your new country doesn't even enforce its own laws? What does it mean when you don't even have to become an American once you join America"? - Peggy Noonan.[i] Instead of locating the illegal immigrants allow local police to detain them if discovered during a crime or even a traffic infraction. Once arrested illegal aliens are to be held and documented in central locations through out the country.

Each time the detainees equal 300 or better they are deported (full airplane) to Mexico or their country of citizenship. The same with the illegal aliens seeking emergency medical attention, they should receive it, along with being reported and held for deportation. In this way we will eventually come across the criminal minded and the sick and deport them first.[ii] Recent surveys show that 50% of landscapers and 25% of construction companies employ undocumented workers.

Looking at the "other side" of that survey it shows 50% of the landscapers and 75% of the contractors can afford to do it legally. Well then I guess we all can.

.Current events and politics is my passion. I strongly believe politics are very important and most adults should be well informed. I have always discussed and debated politics for as long as I can remember.

When the blogging became more and more popular I realized writing about politics is just as rewarding or more so then talking about it. I never knew writing would be well, fun, a lot of fun! I'm new to this type of writing and certainly have a lot to learn. I first started with a blog then started to design a website. They take up most off my free time, particularly the website which is a work in progress. The blog is predominantly my personal opinions and the website is discussions of current events with links to news articles, historical documents, second amendment discussions and soon my review of talk radio (another chance for me to write more).

Hope you find my articles interesting and informative.Thank you,.Robert Henze.



By: Robert Henze

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