Skull and Bones and the President of the United States

Some conspiracy theorists warn that the Skull and Bones secret society is indeed a problematic issue, when several Presidents have been members of that secret society. These conspiracy theorists say it is a spit on the face of liberty and a trampling of our flag. But is it really? Or is the Skull and Bones just a high-energy wealthy family fraternity with super connections like any other but to the power of ten?.To debate this topic recently in an online think tank, a guest gentleman was invited in and spoke with anonymity as he stated right off the bat; "To have a President that has sworn an oath to aid his fellows in a secret society based in old world cabalistic religions and publicly professing to be a Christian and swearing oaths of office that contradict former oaths taken in secret is beyond my dim witted comprehension.".I understand that.

But the Skull and Bones is not what it seems and Presidents before him have duly been able to support both groups. Using the network of the Skull and Bones to get things done faster and have a direct line of communication to the power brokers, at the same time as serve the will of the people. Everyone seems to win, when things run smooth. Even Kennedy had a direct line to the Mob Bosses. You know it is not a perfect world when we live in such a large country and all politics are local you see.You state; "The only oaths that I have ever sworn were to the United States Army, The American Legion and none of those are held as high secrets or surrounded with arcane trappings.

".Indeed my only oath is to my self and that is to always win and to never give up. But I believe I like the Rotary Club Oath best, "Do what is fair for all concerned" motif and to me "ALL" does include the capitalists, bankers, power brokers too, without them we would not have what we do now in the nation. So my pledge along with myself is to my family, the American People and all the children of the world and those who cannot provide for them selves, and indeed it has worked well for me.

What say you?.

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By: Lance Winslow

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