Set Term Limits on Congressmen Now

Let's quit screwing around with congressmen and congresswomen. They have proven that they have no respect for the American People and they think that Ethics is a city near Lancaster, England. Their legendary greed is a perk of office.When I was a graduate student at a western university, a graduate student from Mississippi explained that a sheriff in his county would never be elected to a second term of office. He said that his county in Mississippi had retained prohibition. Selling liquor was illegal?except for those who had a license to sell liquor.

The program was perfect for everyone. The wets could get their booze, the drys were happy because booze was illegal, and the sheriff was happy because he got very wealthy monitoring the licensing system.If a sheriff ran for a second term he was soundly defeated for having an "excessive amount of greed.

".The House has just elected a new House GOP leader to lead them on the road of ethical behavior. My local rag and the cable television news channels say that this new leader is not the perfect example of propriety. John Boehner from Ohio was voted to be the new House GOB leader after a runoff election against Roy Blunt of Missouri.

(The Daily Show said there were more GOB votes than GOB voters.).Our local rag said that Boehner is a dapper guy and can easily be recognized as the guy with cigarette in hand. My rag quoted Congressman David Hobson as saying that Boehner will be "good on TV, good on policy. Democrats fear and respect him because they know he is tough but he is also fair.

".I really feel good about Boehner's election.The United States Congress is in utter confusion.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton said that the MedicareRx Plan should be dumped because it doesn't work. My local rag today said that the MedicareRx Plan has given drug companies billions in windfall profits. It's like the booze system was in Mississippi. Congress is not going to drop a plan that gives billions to the drug companies and confuses the hell out of us seniors. Nice shot, Hillary!.

We've got to stop the bull. The Congress stopped the President from running for a third term to diminish the power of the Presidency. My plan would stop any member of the House of Senate from running for any term that would give him or her more than 12 years of total service. Nobody could serve longer than the President.My Extraordinary Plan would give senators two six-year terms and would confuse the hell out of House members just like the MedicareRx Plan.

For those in Congress who are mentally impaired, if your present term in the House will yield you 10 years of service, you will only be able to run for a final 2-year term, not 4 years. You must stuff your pockets within 12 years.An Independent Ethics Committee chosen from outside Congress, and not by Congress, would also approve all second terms. I think the term limits would require an amendment to the Constitution, but Congress didn't bother with that procedure when they curtailed the Presidential term limit. Let's see, the Congress curtailed the President's term limits.

Let's have the President curtail the Congressional term limits per my exact instructions. WE Americans call that Checks and Balances.The Congress thinks that Checks and Balances means "write checks and don't worry about the balances." That's why our country is practically bankrupt.

Here's another law to be added. At the end of the term of a senator or congressman, the Government will audit all of his accounts. All money in campaign funds will be returned to his political party or to the contributors, contributors having first option. All money in his charity fund will be returned to the contributors that donated the money or be donated to the Salvation Army.

Anything that looks screwy will be reported to the Attorney General or Ralph Nader.Attention Congressmen and Senators : Tack your "Pork" Bill Amendments here. Make sure you don't vote for the Line Veto. That would make everybody in Congress angry and the American People happy.

You don't want that to happen do you?.Well that should do it!.

.John T. Jones, Ph.D.

(tjbooks@hotmail.com, a retired VP of R&D for Lenox China, is author of detective & western novels, nonfiction (business, scientific, engineering, humor), poetry, etc. Former editor of Ceramic Industry Magazine. He calls himself "Taylor Jones, the hack writer.".More info: http://www.

tjbooks.com.Business web site: http://www.dumbincome.com.

By: John T Jones, Ph.D.

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