Ray Nagin Reelected as New Orleans Mayor

It appears that the Chocolate People of New Orleans, as Ray Nagin calls them have in fact re-elected him as their Mayor. One can only wonder why, as much of the pre-Hurricane Katrina planning and miss management was his fault. Sure there were other folks who took the political hit for the issues that followed Hurricane Katrina such as FEMA Director Michael Brown, nevertheless much of the blame really belongs to Ray Nagin not Michael Brown.It was not Michael Brown's doing that the seawall collapsed, he was not in charge of building it. It was not Michael Brown's fault that people failed to leave the city or that New Orleans filled up like a soup bowl or that the entire city was nearly submerged.

Yet Michael Brown was the political casualty scapegoat and Ray Nagin gets re-elected after all the screw-ups there? Something does not make sense at all.Why should the US Taxpayer foot the bill of incompetence or pay for 1500 submerged buses, which indeed could have been used to evacuate people? Why is the US Taxpayer paying to rebuild a city now, which should become a Super Fund EPA site? What on Earth is going on here, as that city still is not set up to withstand a Category III Hurricane if one hits during this 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season.How can we trust the people of New Orleans who so easily re-elect incompetence to lead them? Since when is this the rest of the nations fault and or responsibility to save people who continually make bad judgment calls? And yes that goes for the public who re-elected him and Ray Nagin himself. Consider this opinion in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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