The Great Giza Pyramid a message bound in stone

Five thousand years ago the knowledge of existence and universal secrets were put into a time capsule. Throughout the course of history men sensed there was something more. But while curiosity reigned in the hearts of men, how to find it was a great perplexity. We sense something of supreme mystery, and strain at the cloak that shrouds the message. Something happened, something that was once known, but now is lost.

Perhaps it has to do with who we were, or where we came from, or where we are going? But the message is warped out of shape, distorted by man and time. We simply cannot discern and extract the message from the distortions. But to our good fortune hidden away, encrypted in a gigantic vault of stone the very rocks cry out, but in a deafening silence. Who will hear its quiet voice? Today, the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau is visited by millions of people coming from the four corners of the earth; albeit stumbling, as they view the only remaining wonder of the world.

But the real wonder, the deep wonder, while in plain view is hidden from their understanding. Over the decades, centuries, and millennium, the humans, like chickens scratched around looking for its meaning. The best they could do was to call it a tomb. But under careful scrutiny there were just too many unanswered questions that seemed to negate that carefully protected premise.

But Hallelujah, substantiated revelation is on the horizon, because the day-star of eternal light is shinning on new unearthed facts bringing cause for joyous celebration. But there is no doubt those intrepid souls laying in the weeds of tradition, which have made their living in the school of historical correctness and will not go away quietly, but adversarially portend a battle royal in the making. Adding weight to their position, the prevailing historical world view of Egypt was accentuated, and underscored by film right Cecil B.

Demille in his epic and historic film "The Ten Commandments," has only helped poison the worlds view of Egypt. To them Egypt is as an evil omen. This makes for hard ground that naturally biases interpretations, but ignorance will eventually give way to the coming gentle rain of truth. And just as nature brings forth so will the time capsule produce its contents.

About the Author: Ken Klein is an expert on the antiquity of The Great Pyramid. Go to The Great Pyramid and embark upon the Complimentary virtual tour of the Great Pyramid

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