Democrat Information Websites Purport Misinformation

Did you know that many Democratic Websites purport misinformation? Few people realize this. Did you know the Democratic Party wanted to fund 80-million dollars to build think tanks to promote their views and selectively pick and choose and even create research reports?.Recently a self-proclaimed "Moderate Democrat" was taken aback by these comments and ask me point blank; "Could you please tell me how that is misinformation.".Well certainly you see; if you are a Democrat and subscribe to that liberal line of thinking, which in fact is not reality based, then any push to move people in that direction using any of the tactics Democrats use normally would be misinformation.

Liberalism is a lie and a linear view of a potential utopia that does not exist and can never exist without folks like me [innovators and entrepreneurs] willing to get out and make it happen. But liberals do nothing but attack those who actually have what it takes to get there. It is a dead end. Misinforming people to follow you to a dead end is unacceptable.The Moderate Democrat Gentleman further indicated in his defense that rather than complaining about things he was going to do something to bring information to the people and to enlighten them.

But if you look at the reports and stance that Democrats take their tactics include degrading and complaining. That generally is all they do, rarely do they have any solutions and when they do it is to tell everyone else what to do and how to do it, while they sit on their PhDs, yet have never had to make a payroll.Academia is a brainwashing machine run by those who have been indoctrinated in the same.

They think they know everything and so few have ever done anything except in one or two specific fields or industries. They talk about the homeless, yet do not know any homeless people. They talk about business, but few have ever run one. They talk about alternative hybrid vehicles so they buy one for their maid and think that suffices, face it they do not walk the talk.

They tell everyone not to tell them what to do, then turn around and tell everyone else how to live, run their businesses and what to do? Silly hypocrisy indeed, but it is all sound and fury anyway, so I cannot be concerned. Although I thought you should know. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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