Abatement of Cactus in Border Security

It is estimated by President Vincent Fox that even if the United States puts up border that are not penetrate-able in any way that there will still be over 500,000 illegal aliens coming to America each year.He says they will find away. Indeed and as long a unethical businesses like landscape companies, janitorial services and carwashes keep hiring them they have an incentive to find a way to sneak into our nation and break the law. How can we tighten our borders without putting up ugly fences?.

Well we could plant cactus everywhere, as it grows naturally and then use abatement procedures to make trails or roads through, that anyone crossing would have to take and in doing so would be funneled into a bottleneck or choke point where we can apprehend them and make it very much worth their while not to try that anymore. If they run or try to divert from the trail, well you and I both know cactus and humans do not mix so well.In fact more than one landowner has used cactus as barriers to protect their land and property. It costs a lot of money to patrol the borders and we know that we can afford this cost, but surely would rather not. If we can use Mother Nature and her best evolutionary designs to help us in this border security issue, we will be bucks ahead; yes well I am thinking of the taxpayer here. onsider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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