Homosexuality Running Ramped in Mexico

Homosexuality is running ramped in Mexico and this is causing tremendous problems for the United States as well. As AIDS increases in Mexico it will end up here in the United States and run thru our heterosexual Hispanic Populations and gay male populations and this could increase the number of HIV cases by hundreds of thousands per year.We currently have 24 million illegal aliens in the United States of America and clearly over 60% come from Mexico and as the percentage of those coming over the boarder have AIDS or HIV infected then there is significant risk to the current populations in the United States.We cannot afford to allow illegal aliens or illegal immigrants to come over our borders until they can be checked for AIDS or HIV and while we are at it we should probably also check for other diseases. For instance no one with TB or Hepatitis should be allowed over our borders either.

Currently 33% of all those in Federal Prison are Illegal Aliens or Illegal Immigrants and if they have diseases then these will problems will grow in the prisons and then spread when these folks are released. Our health care system cannot afford this.We must check all illegal aliens for diseases and not give legal immigrants a free pass to work in food services until they pass a diseases test. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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