Ten Most Famous Navy SEALs

Everyone, who has an aspiration of serving in the armed forces, harbors dreams of becoming a Navy SEAL, but only a small percentage, realize this dream. Moreover, the exploits of the SEALs are largely secretive, and more often than not away from intensive public scrutiny. Given below is a list of 10 such famous Navy SEALs.

Roy Boehm Arguably one of most famous of all Navy SEALs, and considered the godfather of all SEALs. He was the first officer in charge of SEAL Team Two. Roy. H. Boehm served the military for 30 years in various capacities, and rose from the enlisted ranks to develop, and lead what was to become an elite combat force called the US Navy SEALs He was instrumental in not only designing and developing but also implementing and leading this commando force.

Rudy Boesch This retired Navy SEAL became popular for his stint in the reality series Survivor: Borneo, and for being its oldest competitor. Moreover, he finished in 3rd place. He had an enviable record as a SEAL, and was a team leader, who had 45 years of uninterrupted military career.

Scott Helvenston The youngest Navy SEAL, to complete the rigorous BUD/S, he worked for Blackwater Security post retirement. He was sent to Iraq, but was killed in the infamous Fallujah ambush, within a few days of his arrival in the country. At a young age of 16, he was given special permission to join the Navy, and had an unblemished 12 year career before he left.

Eric T. Olson He is the current head of the United States Special Operations Command or USSOCOM and is the only Navy SEAL to have achieved such a distinction; moreover he is also the first Naval Officer who has been given the charge of USSOCOM. A graduate of the United States Naval Academy and the Naval Postgraduate School, Admiral Eric Thor Olson, completed his SEAL training in 1974. He was the commander of SEAL Team Six, which was a special counter terrorism unit. Jesse Ventura Jesse Ventura is a retired Navy SEAL, turned retired professional wrestler turned American politician who was the 38th Governor of the US State of Minnesota.

He has also donned the role of an actor, radio host, and a television talk show host. Christopher Cassidy He holds an important place amongst Navy SEALs as he also became a NASA astronaut. He was an integral part of the SEALs for ten years, and in that capacity made two important tours of duty to Afghanistan and the Mediterranean. Michael P.

Murphy He was posthumously awarded America's highest military decoration, the 'Medal of Honor', for his courageous actions in the war in Afghanistan. Since, the Vietnam War, no other person from the Navy has been awarded this rare honor. Thomas R. Norris He holds pride of place amongst Navy SEALs for his rescue missions in the Vietnam War.

For this he was awarded the Medal of Honor. Richard Machowicz He is famous for his role as a host on Future Weapons, a show that is aired on Discovery Channel. A former U. S Navy SEAL, who has proficiency in many martial arts, he has also authored a book.

Richard Marcinko He was in charge of SEAL Team 6 and is now a popular author. It will come as no surprise that after the rigorous military training, and unimaginable feats of bravery, Navy SEALs go on to achieve things, which very few can achieve. This is just a small list of these over-achieving individuals who have stood out and become famous for their accomplishments.

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