Are Our Nuclear Power Plants in All States Safe

Some believe that our Nuclear Power Plants are not safe. They say that Most of these stations are not adequately protected. That simply is not so. These alarmists will attempt to say that; "These nuclear power stations are just veritable danger zones, ticking time bombs waiting to be set off by any lunatic terrorist." That is absolutely without merit and borderline on bullsh_t.

Recently a gentleman in a think tank said that he was very alarmed to find out how nuclear power stations are scattered all over all the 50 states at random. This makes no sense at all, as if they were all really close together they would become a bigger target. The Nuclear Power Plants in our country are not in all 50-states and yes they have been put in where land was available, in locations away from catastrophic potential events. Do I believe that it behooves us to keep this under constant review? You betcha! But I am not as concerned as you appear to be.

But we should not allow alarmists to dictate policy.This gentleman went on to say; "The most important issue today that needs to be urgently addressed is not the usefulness of nuclear power but the critical and urgent need for the protection of nuclear power plants by the government to avert terrorist sabotage!".I would say it is hard to gage exactly what adequately protected" really is, but I would not go so far as to say that; "Most are not adequately protected as I believe that is a not a completely correct statement." The Nuclear Regulatory Committee is a "kick ass" group of folks and they are very focused on safety and potential threats, you can bet your life on it, and we do as citizens and they take it that seriously. So do not fear, but yes indeed be alert on all matters. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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