Urban Renewal and Government Tax Receipts

Currently due to higher oil prices sales tax receipts are up and this helps governments with more money to spend to revitalize our cities and towns and better our infrastructure. Let us hope they use it wisely. One very good use of these monies is to insure the future economic vitality of down town areas throughout America.Urban Renewal and Down Town upgrades bring people back to the city for entertainment and an outdoor atmosphere.

This increases socialization amongst humans and joins us together in a common cause and helps remove the unfortunate stereotypes as people all meet for brunch, fun and entertainment in the open air.Additionally it brings people back to the down town areas and provides many jobs that are needed and this means less crime, less social welfare cases and even more sales tax revenue to those areas, which have been for the most part been run down in the past. We have all seen both small and large down town areas where there are boarded up storefronts, graffiti and trash strewn across the sidewalks.Indeed we have all been to larger cities where it just feels like there is crime and gang activity going on and indeed we see the signs of it everywhere.

If the United States of America was totally wise we would use this increased tax receipts to revitalize our cities. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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