Should We Build a Fence on the Border

Should the United States of American build a fence along the US-Mexican Border to prevent illegal immigrants, drug dealers, gang members and illegal aliens from sneaking in? Some say we should and some major politicians too.Yet some warn of history and what happens when you put up walls on borders? For instance Ronald Reagan's "Tear Down the Wall" or the problems in North and South Korea or the Israel and Palestinian issues. But with all that said we have issues here and it appears we are getting little if any help from the Mexican Government; in fact they are doing the opposite and encouraging them to come to our nation, break into our country, take American Jobs, break our laws and send all their money home to Mexico and indeed over the last 5-years Mexico has enjoyed robust growth from all these workers sending money back to Mexico?.Things are therefore pretty bad and some ask how to any worse? Well simple if a new president of Mexico gets elected who is very much a socialist and some say an outright communist.

That could spell disaster for U.S. Mexican relations and it could lead to a real conflict as everyone knows that socialism and communism don't work, as they drive people down instead of build people up. That means a further separation of classes in Mexico and even more people will want to come to United States of America. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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