Politics Is It Good At All

Politics- a word detested by most of the common people. To an ordinary person, politics is a synonym to corruption, misuse of power, money laundering and other malpractices. Politics has earned such a bad name for itself everywhere, that even the most honest political leader is looked upon with suspicion. Elections come and go.

Majority of the populace does not bother to vote. They know, once elected a candidate forgets his electorate and runs after money and power. But these elected leaders can play havoc or bring peace and prosperity in the society. It depends on both their decisions and participation of people. It is true that political decisions and activities affect all aspects of people's lives. But is it really unfortunate?.

Right from start of elections, candidates go on talking glibly about their plans to work for the benefit of all. They give speeches, hold rallies, fund raisers and waste precious money and time- just for power. It's after they are elected, their ambiguous talk is exposed. Elected representatives often get portfolios for which they are totally unqualified. Imagine an illiterate politician becoming a minister for education. Hard to believe but is commonplace in many backward countries.

Such a man will be totally incompetent for office and may end up spoiling the education system. The common man won't be able to do a thing except watching promising careers and dreams fade away into oblivion.It's nothing new that money gets decisions reversed. Bribe more than your adversaries and the decision or policy will be in your favour.

Cigarette and liquor companies with backing of billions of dollars put public health on the path of deterioration. The governments do nothing. This was brought to light after so many years when a big tobacco companies were ordered by the American courts to dole out billions of dollars to people suffering from diseases acquired by smoking. Construction companies cut off trees in hundreds and thousands to build new towers and buildings.

All with no objections from the government. The environment suffers.In most cases common people get most affected while not even being fully aware of the reasons. Thats the whole irony of it. Most decisions and policies get formed without the peoples say.

They are helpless watchers of the whole game.

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By: CD Mohatta

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