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Tour Confirmation: * You will receive an confirmation email after your order was Complete. You must print the confirmation ticket and take them along on your trip, they are your proof of purchase. Price Included: * Roundtrip Deluxe Air Conditioned bus transportation and hotel accommodations (Expect one day tour). Tour Cancellation: * All cancellation written notice must be received by Local Bus Tours either by mail or fax.

cancellation by phone will not be acceptable. The following fee will be assessed per person accordingly when you cancel your reservation: 45 or more days prior to departure 10% of tour fee. 31 - 45 days prior to departure 15% of tour fee. 21 - 30 days prior to departure 25% of tour fee.

07 - 20 days prior to departure 50% of tour fee. 01 - 06 days prior to departure or no show on departure day 100% of tour fee. (In addition to the above stated cancellation charges, if tickets for airlines/cruise/bus or other have already been issued at the time of cancellation, the Tourer will assessed an additional cancellation penalty and service charge pursuant to the airlines/cruise/bus or other rules and regulations) Hotel Accommodation: * Bases on two adults sharing one room, double occupancy.

A customer who Tours alone is required to pay the single room rate. When the hotel listed in the brochure is not available, the same category hotel will be substituted without prior notice. * Based on local fire safety regulation, each room not more than 2 beds, 4 people (including Infant). Children between 2-11 years old must share room with at least 2 adults with twin base, except paying full fare can share room with 1 adult.

Rooms : Single---one adult stay in one room Twin---Two adults stay in one room Triple---Three adults stay in one room Quarter---Four adults stay in one room Tour Fee not includes: * Admission tickets, Meals. ( See our tour itinerary) * Gratuity to tour guide and driver, suggest USD $5.00 per day per passenger.($2.50 for tour guide and $2.50 for drive) * Laundry, valet, telephone calls, wines and liquors other than those specified.

Personal expenses, baggage handling fee at the hotel, all type of insurance are not included in the tour prices. * Any visa application fee. Visa Requirement: * To enter Canada or Mexican Tourer needs US passport or Alien Resident Card or US birth certificate, or valid entry visa.

Shopping: To meet your shopping needs, certain shopping stops during the tour have been arranged by the local handling agency. Although our tour director is happy to assist you with any shopping requirements, we do not take any responsibility for any items purchased at shops on the tour. Any after sales correspondence must be between the customer and the shops. Responsibility: * When a Tourer cannot complete the tour for any reason, the unused portion of the tour is not refundable, exchangeable nor transferable.

* When the total number of tour members should fall below 25 persons, We reserves the right to cancel the tour and refund full payment or change departure date. * Cantonese, Mandarin & English speaking tour guide throughout the tour. * Local Bus Tours reserves the right to exclude passenger who is physically or mentally unfit to undertake the tours in the interest of the whole tour group. * If the Tourer changes schedule for any personal reason, the additional cost will be assessed. Any unused tour feature either transportation, air or hotel is not refundable or exchangeable.

Local Bus Tours reserves the right to adjust the tour fare due to the increase of airfare as Local Bus Tours deems necessary. However, tour fare is guaranteed once Local Bus Tours has received your full payment. * The airlines, airport, bus company, hotels, or local Tour agency has its own safety regulations and insurance policies protecting its clients regarding to safety and other issues during the trip. Customers should contact related operator directly since we is not responsible for what the insurance of the third party tour operator covers. * No refund or reimbursement for any voluntary giving up of tour and/or accommodations. * No refund on departure date and/or after the journey has commenced (including denied and/or rejected by Immigration Department or Custom of destination).

* When you make reservation, please confirm your passport name. Once ticket issued, penalty will apply. * Passengers have to be responsible for personal document for entry other country (exp: Alien card, passport, Visa, Reentry permit or airline ticket). * All tour arrangement will be subject to the itinerary and we accepts no responsibilities for consequences due to neither condition, riots, strikes, damage or loss of Tour document and unexpected non-availability of local hotels that are beyond our control. Should any change or delay caused by the above.

We will substitute with similar itinerary and hotel accommodation and extra expenses incurred will be responsible by the tour participant without objection. * Any expenses on the change of the tour program or tour meals at request of the tour participant will be borne by the passengers. * Local Bus Tours acts only as agent for the transportation / airline companies and assumes no responsibility for any injury, loss or the independent transportation / airline company, these issue are subjects to those terms and contracts under which these services are provided. * Participants should strictly abide by the laws and regulations promulgated by the government country of the visiting country, including but not limited to immigration and Customs Laws and Regulations. Local Bus Tours will not be responsible for any and all penalties due to any regulations of the government of the visiting country. * We reserve the right to adjust the tour arrangement your professional Tour agent.

Local Bus Tour acts only as Tour agent for the transportation / airline companies and assumes no responsibility for any injury, loss or the independent transportation / airline company, these issue are subjects to those terms and contracts under which these services are provided.
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