Capitol Criminals - Since the Clintons left office, Democrats have been a little dull, resisting the urge to engage in high crimes and misdemeanors.

Illegal Protests The Beginning of a Movement - Illegal alien protesters and illegal immigration amnesty supporters claim that the boycott and the many protest marches are only the beginning of a movement, which is just starting.

Illegal Aliens with American Flags An Observation - Have you noticed the most recent marches with illegal aliens where the Illegal Aliens skip work and march condemning America while carrying our American Flags? It seems rather silly and hypocritical doesn?t it? Are you buying any of this into your.

With Liberty And Justice For AllEven Republicans - The purpose of this piece is to reassure its readers (and perhaps, its author), that civil liberties are not a concern relegated solely to the opponents of the Bush White House.

Illegal Immigration Issues In the News Lance Rants - We must fix the immigration bottle neck, the system is over run by lawyers in the courts.

National Guard Needed for Illegal Immigration Protesters if Venezuela Arms Them - Some people believe that there is more behind the legal immigration and illegal alien protests, boycotts, rallies and demonstrations.

Just How Well are Authorities Doing Patrolling Our Borders - Just how well is our border patrol doing in catching the illegal aliens? Well, one report shows that border patrol agents have caught over 6 million people since the year 2000.

Homosexual Movement Disenchanted With Politics in America - Many homosexual folks in the gay and lesbian community are thoroughly disenchanted with trying to make friends in politics to achieve what they believe to be fair treatment under the law and the rights to gay marriage.

Heading For a European Constitution - Technical Analysis is widely used in the area of investment.

Chiles Success Proves NeoLiberalism Works - Michelle Bachelet, a former Chilean defense minister, torture victim, and divorced mother of three, won the Chilean presidency with over 53 per cent of the vote, official results revealed on 15 January.

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