Homosexual Movement Disenchanted With Politics in America

Many homosexual folks in the gay and lesbian community are thoroughly disenchanted with trying to make friends in politics to achieve what they believe to be fair treatment under the law and the rights to gay marriage. A few are upset because when they back a set of candidates or a political party they have to agree to things that they do not believe in or stipulation that they do not feel fair.For those on the outside watching their struggle we can see their points indeed. And politics is a give and take thing, and it is hard for one with principles and ideals pre-determined and stead fast to deal in such a slimy world. (all-politics, regardless of party). Some gay men believe that the gay and lesbian community political action groups gives away too much in order to play in the political arena and one recently stated:.

You state; "they've taken it as a means to consolidating their power by pandering to the prejudices of religious entities.".Other groups too have a problem with the power base pandering to the religious entities. Being of no-religion, that is to say the atheists and agnostics are also appalled at the treatment by Christians towards atheists and agnostics or any religion other than their own.

One atheist stated to the gay man; "It is unhealthy to feed that hypocrisy via Politics, but they do it to maintain a strong base. You have a point for sure.".Well then, this posses a problem, because if indeed playing professional politics is not working and the courts are denying gay marriage rights like any other person, (courts are politics too, don't kid yourself, it is a political event); then that leaves no alternative than to stay in the media, protest and such.This in turn is feeding the now emboldened Christian Right Fringe to "gay bash" so to speak and thus leaves no option for the gay and lesbian community to do anything but stay tough and network, but in doing so this brings out their minority fringe to act out and cause issues in persnickety ways to get back at the abuse the entire gay and lesbian community is taking.The real problem then is to take this whole thing back to the beginning and mend fences and tell the Entire Christian Right to practice what they preach and live and let live and for the gay fringe to chill out while fences are mended and try a new more positive and well organized and funded campaign.

One everyone can believe in. Then we all celebrate being Americans and standing for freedom, liberty and equal rights.Sure easy for me to say; I am not gay, married, of Mayflower Decent and self-made. Granted but judging this issue from outside the cave and uninvolved; well, other than the occasional fringe threatening to boycott my company or make rude sexual comments about my athletic runner's rear end.

I think this is a fixable American Problem we need to address as a nation on a whole new level. Anyway just a thought here.I see the problems too with the political inconsistency between the gay and lesbian groups fighting over the means to get to the ends they all wants. But standing divided never got any group anywhere very fast and the gay and lesbian community has divided itself and it is being conquered by the Christian Right, so let's all consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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