Illegal Protests The Beginning of a Movement

Illegal alien protesters and illegal immigration amnesty supporters claim that the boycott and the many protest marches are only the beginning of a movement, which is just starting. Today they promised television cameras and the world that they will not stop until they get what they want.These foreign national invaders into our country illegally are now demonstrating in the streets of America and holding rallies demanding that we give them rights. They also promise that they will continue their mission for however long it takes until the United States Senate in the United States Congress cave in and give them what they want.It appears that our elected representatives are going to throw way and rip up the Constitution for their own personal political gain, because they believe that as Hispanics continued to multiply that they can receive more votes.

It is truly amazing the amount of political rhetoric and doubletalk from the podium pushers in the mass media hysteria. Television reporters have never had such a field day with so many politicians vying for a photo op in one of the many segments on the illegal immigration issue.About 200,000 people showed up in the city of Los Angeles to protest the United States of America and demand rights, even though half of the people there were illegal aliens who have broken the law.

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By: Lance Winslow

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