Illegal Aliens with American Flags An Observation

Have you noticed the most recent marches with illegal aliens where the Illegal Aliens skip work and march condemning America while carrying our American Flags? It seems rather silly and hypocritical doesn't it? Are you buying any of this into your reality?.It seems the protestors have got some professional organizers now, and are touting American Flags. Additionally the numbers purported of participants is coming in from many news sources as different.

First it starts out about 40,000 then 78,000 and then later in the day it is estimated at 150,000 quarter million or half a million? So obviously this is a giant PR snow job, what I am saying is it is all Bull so, may I ask why to distraction? Something is fishy here. Something else is going on and diverting our national citizens attention. Why?.

Why do we as Americans allow this to go on and do nothing about it? Why are we so weak and unwilling to confront this issue on a reality basis rather than the created reality of the media? Are we so caught up in our own political correctness that we do not say what we really think? Are we so utterly beaten that we are going to allow "illegal" aliens who have broken the law tell us how to run our nation? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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