Just How Well are Authorities Doing Patrolling Our Borders

Just how well is our border patrol doing in catching the illegal aliens? Well, one report shows that border patrol agents have caught over 6 million people since the year 2000. However that number may be a little misleading because in the old program they used to catch people and then release them meaning they could try again next day and therefore many people work out to twice, three times or even more. But of the 6 million people 400,000 of them had criminal records. Nevertheless in our federal prisons we have over 33 percent illegal aliens, which costs taxpayers a lot of money.The Arizona Border Patrol is credited in catching over 600,000 illegal aliens last year alone.

Unfortunately 38 percent of the criminals in the Arizona prison system are illegal aliens and the State of Arizona would sure like to get that money back in housing these criminal illegal aliens and spend that money to give scholarships for worthy American students. Many people say the border patrol is made up of very hard-working and good U.S. citizens, but really that is horseshit.

Indeed, I can say that from experience having rescued the U.S. border patrol agents when he crashed his car driving down a parallel dirt road to the freeway and wrapped it around a tree in the middle of the day. He was out screwing around.

But that is just one incident. I would rather trust my life to a Wal-Mart security guard than U.S. border patrol agent. Apparently when the United States of America added border patrol agents and with the competition for law enforcement at the TSA, we ended up with less than worthy people in our U.S.

border patrol. I don't trust them.As a matter-of-fact in Arizona over 30 law enforcement officers including many border patrol agents were caught in an FBI sting for assisting drug smugglers moving drugs and or people over the border. What a complete sham on the American people! Don't you dare tell me this country is protected; if you do, you are a liar and I know it, as I have facts.

Do not Bullshet the American people! Our government's only job is to protect the American people; don't blow it.

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By: Lance Winslow

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