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We must fix the immigration bottle neck, the system is over run by lawyers in the courts. Lawyers are always at the root cause of every single challenge America faces. Caesar has the best advice by for that problem.Next up all illegal aliens must be discharged from the nation and then asked to re-apply and get legal, with a streamlined system. We cannot trust government to build a system to do this. Nor can any longer trust podium pushing Politician Chicken Waste vacation seekers [most are lawyers], running from a problem to fix this challenge.

Barbara Jordan had her commission's research of this problem round wastepaper filed and the problem has been brewing without solution. We need complete turnover of all Lobbyist Led Lawyers parading as our elected representatives with our voice in mind.We need high-tech ID biometric cards. Tests for TB, Hepatitis, AIDS.

We need basic language skills, and probationary periods and/or money or guaranteed jobs prior to coming in. Then a business or personal sponsor program. Again other than border security, we cannot trust government to come up with a streamlined system.Government does nothing very well, they suck at policy, they are the epitome of the rule of unintended consequences. They do nothing very well. Oh yah I was reminded yesterday on this board they are good at one thing; "Spending our money!".

Personally I am tired of the bull and want these simple solutions in place and no more passing the buck, political posturing, political speeches or excuses. If the government cannot solve this issue, which indeed is part of their number one responsibility to; Protect the American People. Well, then who needs them, any of them?.

We'd be better off with 12 wise and learned men with a 1,000 years of experience between them as benevolent dictators of the highest order of integrity. I am severely sickened by all this absolute disregard for what is right, our laws and the governments responsibility. Sickened. Completely, it makes me want to throw up.


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By: Lance Winslow

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