Washington DC Still Flooding and They Deserve It

Washington DC is under a flood watch this week and already many Government Buildings such as the United States Justice Department, The Internal Revenue Service and the National Archives have closed due to flooding with more to follow. All we want from Washington DC is an apology letter, simple as that.The American People deserve at least that much really. But alas they will not come clean from their corruption in the Nations Capital and Mother Nature is taking that as a sign that more power flushing is needed there.Why do the politicians waste taxpayers monies? Why do the bureaucrats over regulate small, medium and large businesses in this nation causing bankruptcy, offshoring and over seas outsourcing? Why do Politicians cheat and lie; why do they drive their cars under the influence of drugs, why do they hit cops?.

Why do the lobbyists hire male prostitutes? Why does the government attack businesses and fabricate cases? Why is there so much corruption in Washington DC and why must we have to call upon Mother Nature to power flush the podium pushing politicians and blundering bureaucrat buffoons down the Potomac?.Washington DC Still Flooding because the people there will not come clean and the whole place needs a power flushing. So take that and deal with it. Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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