FDA Needs Rules and Regulations Overhaul

The FDA needs to reduce its rules and regulations to help the market place participate in capitalism and help the consumer and the American people so they can enjoy lower prices, better quality products and safer foods.The FDA needs to reduce its rules and regulations in order to prevent trial lawyers from suing companies for millions of dollars, which does nothing more than make the trial lawyers richer and raise the prices for consumers. The FDA is a part of the blob of bureaucracy and preventing the American people from enjoying quality of life and better standard of living.

We must reduce the rules and regulations of the FDA in order to get drugs to market earlier to save more lives and to open up the floodgates of competition for companies and research firms who are on the cutting edge of biotech. The FDA is in the way and their rules and regulations need to be reduced and overhauled in order to streamline the efficiencies of business that is in the food and drug industry.Without a reduction of the rules and regulations it will further stifle business and end up hurting the American people. The FDA is too large of a bureaucracy to be of any use to the American people. Let's reduce the rules and regulations and overhaul the system at the FDA.

Please consider this 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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