Boycott Buses in America Two Days Per Month - Have you ever noticed how the transit workers always go on strike in cities across America every so often? Generally they go on strike because they want better working conditions, fewer hours, more pay or greater benefits that you and I don't hav.

A Less Than Honorable Industy The Oil Industry - Is it possible for the oil industry to receive record profits and still claim that there?s a supply and demand issue that is driving up the cost of gasoline in this great country? The answer is yes.

Fight Terror With Education - A War on Terrorism? Conventional war being brought on an unconventional enemy is ineffective out of date.

The Toledo Blade Hides Behind Palestinian Children - If The Toledo Blade were truly "One of America's Great Newspapers" it would never run a Reuters' picture with the deceptive caption - "Protecting Palestinian Children" - which they did today, while ignorantly editorializing about Hamas elsewhere,.

CIA Looking for a Few Good Homosexuals - The CIA is looking for a few good men, but not just any men, they need more homosexuals as they are great relationship builders.

Snowbirds and American Migration and Mobile Populations - We have seen an increase in Snowbirds from Northern States into Southern States.

Federal Trade Commission Must Be Terminated It Serves No Purpose - Many people believe that the Federal Trade Commission protects consumers and they were the leading agency in charge of Spam.

Lance Rants on the UN Iranian Showdown and Iraq War - We must stop international terrorists and the nation states, which sponsor them.

Your Covenant with Death Your Agreement with Hell The USIsrael Strategic Alliance Part I - A STRATEGIC AND ESCHATOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE.

Abandoning Corruption in Government - How can we stop the corruption in our government? Some say you never can, others say it is easy; Fire all of them and start over.

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