Abandoning Corruption in Government

How can we stop the corruption in our government? Some say you never can, others say it is easy; Fire all of them and start over. Well sure we could remove all the politicians, keep the essential services running; Water, Power, Monetary, Trade, Transportation, Communication, Education, etc and start over. Literally redo government in a social and political revolution without a shot ever being fired, but can it be done?.Can we abandon the corruption in our government? Most people say it is just too big and if you try the blob of bureaucracy will move to crush you and come after you. Indeed that is true enough, but one also has to ask the question if we do not do it now, will we ever?.In other words if we fail to keep our government honest in the present period then we fail future periods in advance and we must not fail our future so we can live in a compromised comfort today.

To stop our government from corruption we need to dismantle it and remove the political hierarchy and cut down abundance of waste and bureaucracy stifling our freedoms, businesses, future and forward progression.We need to be thinking here on the best way to solve this problem of corruption in our government once and for all and send a strong message to our future government that indeed we will not allow this level of lack of integrity to permeate the flows of our civilization in the future. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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