Federal Trade Commission Must Be Terminated It Serves No Purpose

Many people believe that the Federal Trade Commission protects consumers and they were the leading agency in charge of Spam. Unfortunately, the Federal Trade Commission after it took up the case against Spam, we saw Spam increased by 3000 percent. Sure, the Federal Trade Commission put out press releases saying what a great job they were doing, but the figures do not lie.They failed to protect the American people from Spam it is as simple as that. If a government agency cannot cut the mustard why should we as the U.

S. taxpayer fund their continued operations? That is silly to throw good money after bad when they fail to perform all their duties.Back in 1999 I visited the Federal Trade Commission and as I walked through the halls are noticed that on one floor there were clipboards by each door listing the names of companies that the Federal Trade Commission was going to attack.

Now realize this was during the .com bubble and there were hundreds of companies listed at the Federal Trade Commission was attacking.But why were the attacking the .coms, well, it is simple really the large corporations were watching their stock prices fall off and they wanted to stop the .com companies from hurting their stock market prices.

So the Federal Trade Commission attacked the .com companies to protect the old industries.Yet be old industries had failed to improvise and adapt and innovate. But some acehole in government, who was probably following up on advice from a lobbyist bribe decides to attack all the .com companies to protect the old industry. Why do we need a government to put up protectionism roadblocks to free markets and prevent innovation.

Go to hell, I say, let free markets run and entrepreneurs innovate and let the markets it self adjust.We do not need governments messing things up and making linear decisions to protect a bunch of good old boy networks who cannot get out of their own way. Jesus Christ, you would think that the government would be smarter than that.

The Federal Trade Commission must be terminated and the United States government should not be allowed to crush entire industries because they do not like them.The government is getting too big for its britches and the Federal Trade Commission is about the biggest waste of taxpayers money that I have ever witnessed in the history of mankind. That is my personal opinion and I think my opinion stands for something because I have first-hand knowledge of the reality of free markets having built a company from scratch. Don't tell me I don't know what I have observed and seen at the Federal Trade Commission.That agency is a disaster waiting to happen and they continually attack American companies and this is why so many companies are moving offshore and outsourcing to foreign nations due to the blob of bureaucracy and these type of agencies with all there are overbearing rules and regulations and incessant baseless lawsuits.

It is high time we terminate this waste of tax payer's money. Consider all those in 2006.

.Lance Winslow.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Lance Winslow

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