Boycott Buses in America Two Days Per Month

Have you ever noticed how the transit workers always go on strike in cities across America every so often? Generally they go on strike because they want better working conditions, fewer hours, more pay or greater benefits that you and I don't have. Well I say to this that all Americans should boycott the buses in America two days per month. And we need to use these two days to fill these buses full of illegal aliens and drive them to go back to Mexico.This would be fair for all concerned and also be an excellent use of our assets and a free day off for all of the 300 Million Legal American Citizens. If the illegal aliens can come here and protest in our streets and claim they're just coming for a better life and want to work and then take off a day's work and carry their flags in our streets in protest, then surely we two can take the day off also, how about two.

We have enough buses in United States of America to move the Army and we may as well move the illegal aliens back to where they came from. They have entered our country illegally and they have cost the U.S. taxpayer billions of dollars and we can no longer afford this abuse or this illegal activity.

It is high time that we use our assets and the strength of our civilization and transportation system to deport and transport these illegal aliens back to Mexico where they came from.And we should disgorge them of any of their money on their persons to pay for the bus rides because fuel is not cheap and U.S. taxpayer need not pay for it. Consider this in 2006 and stop calling me a bigot.


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By: Lance Winslow

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