A Less Than Honorable Industy The Oil Industry

Is it possible for the oil industry to receive record profits and still claim that there's a supply and demand issue that is driving up the cost of gasoline in this great country? The answer is yes. Technically speaking a supply and demand market will produce excess profits for leaders in a particular industry.The problem I have with the oil industry is that I don't believe them. This is my opinion and I can't verify my claims.

I believe the oil industry is run by less than honorable people. I don't think they care about America and Americans. They are greedy people who will sell this country down the drain.I feel that they are working with OPEC and other oil producing countries to restrict the supply of gasoline. The goal is to drive up the cost of oil. I believe the oil companies then charge an excessive premium for the gasoline they're selling to their consumers.

I believe we're partly to blame. We're not pressuring our representatives or senators to do something about this completely horrible industry. We need to start electing officials that will look after our needs and not their self serving ambitions.The problem is that we have members in our government made up equally of Democrats and Republicans who take money from the oil lobby.The one area I've always disliked about George W. Bush is that he's an oil man who's presidential pockets are lined by the oil industry.

I don't believe he would ever do anything about their price gauging because he's received their lobby money, he worked in the industry and he still has shares in the industry.It sickens me every time I go to the pump. I feel like I'm giving money to a heroin dealer. The only difference is that the oil company is legal.My friends we need to send a message to these dealers of oil.

We need to drive as little as possible and elect officials that will send a message to the leaders in the oil industry.While they eat their caviar and lobster the average American is trying to make ends meet. I'm no socialist but I have no respect for the oil industry. I feel that we are getting oil from our enemies and the oil companies are dealing that oil to the American people at an excessive premium.

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By: Anthony Bloch

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