Conspiracy Theorists Call for President Bush Administration Resignation

There is a group of online anti-Globalist, anti-US, anti-Free Enterprise and anti-elite family with European royal bloodlines; who want to remove the Bush Administration from power. That's all we need a group of psychotic, conspiracy theorists and lunatic fringe dictating US policy? Some of these conspiracy nut cases like David Ike from the UK are completely out of control with their tall tales of secret societies.Next they go so far as to call a revolution Wow? And what will that achieve, tell me? One conspiracy theorist stated recently; "It is time for the American People to remove the elite from power and redistribute their wealth.

Now all we need to do is figure out how.".Are you a French Peasant? Living a re-incarnation? What gives? We know the mobs masses cannot run a country. We live in the greatest nation in the World and you wish to tear it down? Why? So you can run it? Who then? You come to promote some sort of over throw of the greatest nation in the World?.

That would plunge the world into economic crisis, destroy the United State's middle class, which holds up the world and then slow monetary flows and set the human race back 100 years in technology and advances in medicine, science, materials, transportation, space travel, communication, etc. How can anyone, even a conspiracy theorist nut case possibly believe what they are saying? Be very weary of these conspiracy theorist nut cases, especially if they have never done anything in their lives, because it appears to me that they are blowing hot air and inciting disruption, which is the last thing our society needs right now. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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