The Only Real Evil is Government Bureaucracy

What is evil? It is hard to define yet people certainly know it when they see it. Those in religious cults will say, evil is like hell with demons, monsters and well, you know all those scary movies. But real evil is that which prevents us from chasing our dreams, from realizing our destinies and from seeking out our happiness.Evil therefore is a serious issue indeed. The worst evil of all is bureaucracy, which makes you fill out a form to do something that you should be free to do anyway.

Evil is putting that form into a file and never looking at it again, but some lawyer can request it and if there is a "I" not dotted or a "T" not crossed can sue you for it or sue your business. Meaning that your hard earned money you cannot keep because said lawyer filed a different form, lied in that form and stole your money. Meaning someone will lose their job because your small business can no longer afford them. Not because they did not do their job or because the business is not profitable, but rather because of a form.Why would the greatest nation in the world reduce their greatest assets; an asset of innovation, entrepreneurship and strength to a form, which is managed by a wasteful bureaucracy? If that isn't not evil; then nothing is.

Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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