The Amazing Power Of Print

For centuries the printed word has been able to sway people one way or another in many cases all because of what they read. When there is a headline printed people pay attention. They usually automatically assume that if it makes the front page of the newspaper that it must be true. In the majority of cases it will be at least partially correct.

Newspaper print especially can create a stir by whatever is printed in it. Newspapers have brought the news of wars began and wars that have ended.

Newspapers will detail the deaths of someone famous or important. Anything that is newsworthy will be printed.

Even with the invention of television and the computer which also relays news worthy information to us, there are still plenty of newspapers and magazines out there doing as big a business as ever. There is just something about reading that people can not resist.

The power of the printed word has always been undeniable and probably always will be. When you have a format that predicts the next president or the next war, it is likely to be around for a long time to come.

Today there has been a very serious problem that has developed not only with the printed news, but television and computer news too.

People have become obsessed with rooting out facts, whatever the subject they might be about, and spread it as fast as they can. Many times when there is money involved in a story, which is frequently, the truth may not always be what it seems. Some forms of media will twist a story around so much to sensationalize it as much as possible.

The more outrageous the story, the better it will sell.

It would seem that the business of news, in whatever form it might take, has developed a tendency to sometimes go over an invisible line that probably should not be crossed. Newspapers years ago were all about reporting events that meant something, but now in a lot of instances it is only about spreading gossip or telling personal information about people or events. There truly are some things that could be left unsaid and that are really no business of anyone else.

Of course all the blame for spreading malicious rumors and gossip whether it is truth or fiction, can not be blamed entirely on the media.

The public has to bear a certain amount of responsibility for buying everything they can find to read even if they are not sure of the actual truth of a matter. If we dislike the way that our world has become on so many levels, maybe we should take a good long look at the things that are making us the way we are such as a lack of respect for the privacy of others.


About the Author (text)Rachel Yoshida is a writer in many fields.

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