THE JUDAS MANUAL - Our recent history has accumulated a record of botched initiatives, uncertain situations and tragic episodes that have led the United States into the road to decadence, universal scorn and national misery.

Alternatives to being Roman - We're here and the Romans aren't.

Securing Energy Independence for the USA - Crude oil prices have topped $140.

Making the Chaos of Life Your Greatest Friend - When you know the skills of how to respond to lifes challenges.

will Never Happen Again If - The war on terror remains the single most urgent threat facing the world today.

Election How your vote has more impact - Like many people, you got the idea once and a while that politicians have a short memory.

Virginias new DWI detection device - Virginia has chosen the EC/IR II to replace its old breath alcohol tester.

Bad Energy Policies Will Harm World Economies - Oil prices are skyrocketing and governments feel pressured to dispense placebos.

The Glass Ceiling of The White House For a Woman Its More Like Solid Stone - Catalyst reports on women's loss of position in corporate America and now Hillary loses hope for Breaking the Glass Ceiling of the While House.

Greek Fire A Terrifying Early Medieval Weapon - Greek Fire, also known as Byzantine Fire, Greek Byzantine Fire, and Sea Fire, was a terrifying naval weapon mastered by the Greeks and the Byzantines during early Medieval times.

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