Election How your vote has more impact

Do you know most people use their voting rights totally wrong? What are your voting options at the 2008 election? Like many people, you got the idea once and a while that politicians have a short memory. Forgetting everything they promised. Often, the thought comes up in my mind; "Why should I vote next time?" Another option is a blanc protest vote. You demonstrate the unhappiness with the choice of candidates or current political system. A blanc vote you is a statement that you are involved. People who don't vote also give a sign of disinterest.

Do you know how you're vote really makes a difference? If you think you did your duty by voting at the local elections and the new president, you forgot the most powerful option. You don't know how democracy really works. Oke, I've said it. Did it hurt? You got to know, when I point one finger at you, there are more fingers pointing in my direction. I too didn't use my voting rights to it's full potential. We not only have the option to vote when they ask us to do so, but you have the power to vote every day, every hour and every minute! The best way to vote is with your wallet! If I decide to buy some cheap products, perhaps I vote for child labor? Or the product I just bought helps a dictator in another country.

Or worse, it gives 'fuel' to a war. However, those are things I might not know. Information is key to have your vote counted for.

With these options your vote should be perfectly clear. If you go to the supermarket and buy heavily processed junk foods, you agree that those companies use all those chemical additives that undermine your health. An expensive health insurance system in the future is another hidden vote. If you have shares with Merck you don't bother that 78.000 people died using their painkiller Vioxx. Those are only two examples where we as consumers have the power to vote with our wallet.

If more people black label their products they must change their policy or go out of business. In the pre-Internet age those companies could influence us through the newspapers, radio and television. With all the Internet options, blogging, personal websites, forums etc, everyone becomes a journalist. That's the reason why the Codex Alimentarius becomes a threat for our democratic rights. We become silent, the movie, makes this clear. You and I aren't allowed to share our personal health experiences in combination with a product or service we use.

This will be seen as an unlawful health claim. In fact, Codex will impact our right to vote and ?. democracy! By looking at things differently, I decided the use my voting right on a 24 / 7 base. A man can have thousand wishes, but if you lose your health, you've got only one wish left.

All governments in our western world have made thousands decisions over the past decades. If we put them on a old fashioned balance and at the other side we put Codex Alimentarius combined with our poor food quality and the helpless sickness industry. The balance will smash to the ground, so hard, all thousand other government decisions will splash against the sealing. That leaves me on a 24/7 scale with only one second left.

It's the second that my government will ask me for my vote. Right now I will say; "Sorry but I've got no time". I'm too busy taking care for my personal health!.

Helping people to preserve and maintain an optimum health status, that's my goal. Find out more about the protest song I recorded about the Codex Alimentarius (food rules) and Canadian C 51 Bill at: http://www/uitdaging.net/Health_Protest_Song.html

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