What Ever Happened to the SideHill Troggler - When I was a kid, we talked about such things as the Side-Hill Troggler.

Reforming the Criminal Justice System - It is a widely known fact that the United States of America has more people in prison per capita than in most all other first world nations.

OSHA Needs Rules and Regulations Overhaul - Did you know that the OSHA rules are so pervasive that if you take each page of the OSHA rules and regulations books and stacked them on top of each other they would go up in the sky 42-stories.

Iran Builds Support Among Muslim Nations - The U.

The Game is Afoot Indeed - Silly humans we are as we participate in all this sound and fury and politics, as if we are actually doing anything worthwhile or really helping the forward progression of humankind.

Lance Rants on the Irrelevance of President Bush Poll Numbers - It is utterly silly the reporting of Presidential Poll numbers as like an arson starting a wild fire, which will make its own wind the media feeds itself chaos and controversy.

Its About Takeover Not Immigration - As the protests continue over the immigration situation, it appears very clear that those in the streets want no border security.

US House Plans to Improve Reverse Mortgages - The House is considering legislation that will improve the increasingly popular reverse mortgage program.

The Four Phases to The Iraq War - What are the phases to nation building that will guarantee success and insure we have not wasted our time or money in the process? It seems so many do not understand what we are doing in Iraq.

Can Anyone Beat Hillary Clinton for President - The Democrat Party believes Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in for President of the United States of America.

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