The Four Phases to The Iraq War

What are the phases to nation building that will guarantee success and insure we have not wasted our time or money in the process? It seems so many do not understand what we are doing in Iraq. The have not looked at a map to see where Iraq is or thought about the Middle East and the bigger picture. There are Four Phases to this Iraq endeavor.(F) Finish the UN's Job to Enforce the Resolutions. To insure that Iraq is behaving itself. We were trying to get this done thru inspections and monitoring.

Iraq reneged on their obligations and threatened the world with Weapons of Mass Destruction. We therefore moved to finish the job.(O) Oversee Coalition of Major Combat Operations. To remove the Saddam Regime and se up a new regime which would not be hostile to the world, the region or their own people.

We did that and removed Saddam and have brought him to justice.(U) Unite a Free Iraq. Help set up the provincial government, hold elections, set a plan for Democracy and try to work thru the issues of the divisions between Suni, Shiite and Kurd populations in the country.(R) Rebuild Major Infrastructure to Reliable Operational Status.

Make sure that water, sewer, power, schools, transportation, police and fire are in working and there are trained people in place to insure that they are on-going.That is it folks F,O,U,R the four phases of involvement in Iraq. We are going into the last stage now of rebuilding the major infrastructure now that we have helped the Iraqis established their government and hold elections.

Remember the "proud purple fingers" and the Saddam trials.I would like to ask if anyone can name another country, which went from dictatorship and war to liberty and democracy is such short order. I am proud of our men and women in uniform and our nation's generosity and gift to free an entire nation.

As we go into this final phase and bring home our troops, we will watch Iraq grow and her people determine their own destiny. Although there is still more to do; we sure have come a long way and done something great; but as an American, I would have expected no less. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Iraq War

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