Can Anyone Beat Hillary Clinton for President

The Democrat Party believes Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in for President of the United States of America. Most democrats who have been polled believe that unless something drastically happens Hillary Clinton will walk away with the Democrat nomination for President of the United States of America. But even with the nomination, that does not guarantee a smooth road to the White House. In American politics anything can happen and just like Murphy usually does. What does this mean? Is there any Republican who can be Senator Hillary Clinton in her bid for the White House?.

Some believe that John McCain would make a great President and others believe that Condi Rice seems like an obvious choice for the Republican ticket. Does that mean she will run for president and then perhaps join on the ticket for vice president? Obviously it is way too early to tell and political strategists on both sides are very careful about predicting such a future. One false move and a political star can fall from grace.Senator Hillary Clinton is a centrist and may indeed get slammed by her own party leading up to Democrat nomination, and such attacks could actually hurt her ability after the primary election. But a strong centrist has the best chances of swaying the independent party voters as well as potential Republican crossovers who may not be entirely happy with the overspending of the Republican Party during the last eight years.

This will be very interesting to watch from a historic perspective, as it just may be possible that the United States of America in his up with their first woman president. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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