Lance Rants on the Irrelevance of President Bush Poll Numbers

It is utterly silly the reporting of Presidential Poll numbers as like an arson starting a wild fire, which will make its own wind the media feeds itself chaos and controversy. I believe President George Bush to be above such criticism of polling numbers and although I cannot speak for him. I do enjoy his tough stance on BS and rhetoric PR campaigns against my country or pro-International Terrorism Base.Statistics and polls are irrelevant when we are dealing with what must be done and 63% of the world is blinded by mass media hysteria having surrendered their minds to the TV, that is not my concern, but when the enemy uses these polls to promote their Propaganda, well that indeed concerns me. We know our enemies are using this against us and we are allowing them by buying into all this BS and although these techniques are a part of war this does not mean we should make it easy for our enemies.

The Iranian Leadership is now using this against us to find political power in the World Media and at the UN to use against our diplomacy to get them to stop making nuclear weapons. In fact such a propaganda move is in fact moving a chess piece, meaning the game has begun and we are at the beginning stages of a pre-war effort to avert diplomacy and cause a political impasse enabling the Iranian Leadership to move their agenda forward. We did not move that chess piece, but we can sure enough remove Al Jazeera and show that chess piece back up their Ace.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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