The Game is Afoot Indeed

Silly humans we are as we participate in all this sound and fury and politics, as if we are actually doing anything worthwhile or really helping the forward progression of humankind. You see, so often people do not realize that when let's say the left (Democrats) attacks the right, claiming ethics or evil business that the resultant is; the forcing of additional regulations on industries, which actually hurts the innovative process by putting up barriers to entry from innovative and fast moving entrepreneurs.In doing so this will have a cause and effect of preventing new technologies such as Fuel Cells or more environmentally friendly products and processes from reaching the market place for wide spread distribution, thus solving the problem that is said to be their main goal.

Thus the Democrats are being led to be squeaky wheels to promote what the game players really want; everyone out of their way so they can continue un-impeded. Thus the sound and fury of this candidate or that and the Democrats or Republican, is ridiculous; so why bother?.All these complainers of the system are being used to move the system and thus helping the real leaders of the world; when all these so-called activists are in reality ALL pawns in the bigger game. So everyone gets all caught up in the BS and those playing the games rely on these distractions to promote their will. Thus picking sides is rather silly. You see? For my self, I am a free enterprise guy and it appears that if you want to win the game for the betterment of all mankind, you must include the World Leaders running things and allow them to get what they need and insure that as they are allowed to get what they want and then make sure that the people are taken care of and allowed to fulfill their pursuits of happiness.

I mean we know the Coconut Grove (joke, because I think it is kind of silly) meetings are attended by NM Governor Richardson (Democrat) along with top Republicans and all the movers and shakers too; that is to say the main folks on team USA. We also know that the World financiers are heavily invested in China and China has too many people. Needs oil and may end up with an Industrial Revolution while the people are left in the dark to the real game and are fed the propaganda the game players need as the chess pieces move. Everyone has made a deal and the game presses on.

Personally I find it hard to wish to be involved in that all that controversy, but it is kind of fun to watch; entertainment value. In the end for the powers that be to succeed and for "the people" to remain comfortable; there needs to be an equilibrium which may not include over cooking the proverbial froggies or fishes. As not all the frogs will wish to remain in the said boiling pot and indeed many of their genes are of the same as those with the gold who rule.

You see rebellion and chaos will ensue and cause a turn over or change of tide for those who control if the equilibrium is pushed to the brink. We must therefore come together in a common cause and plug and play the third leg to make the whole thing work and make it fair for all concerned. That is to say bring the people around to understands they need you and you need them. Otherwise everyone is headed down a dead end road and a change which they (world gamers) do not want nor will it serve the masses, who have surrendered their minds (to the sound and fury and TV set).

Without them (world leaders, financiers and do'ers), nothing happens and there is no forward progress as all capital flows are stopped and no jobs and well no one is served.When the right attacks the left we find that they enlist the people to unite for such a cause as "rationality" "morality" and "Anti-P.C." then they attack and are pitted against many who mean well (Dems) in anger from the purported cause and affect of their actions of unintended consequences explained above.

As folks stand up and blame them for all that is wrong. Both sides blame each other in the biggest cluster muck of distraction I have ever witnessed. You know someday mankind needs to realize the truth of how everything really works and understand that for us all to move forward we all need each other. The powers that be and both other sides pitted against the middle.

We must also realize that he who controls the media controls the minds of the people and if he is not in it for the whole of the civilization then the people will be led by the wrong flute player to a dead end road.We the people should not attack the powers that be, nor should we attack each other. But if you spend your life wrapped up in it all and defending yourself and then reciprocating, then who does that really serve? Personally I get a little miffed at ignorance attacking my noble efforts, labeling me, and even calling be a crook because I am a businessman; I can only wonder what those who volunteer to be our leaders go through, which BTW such attacks make it hard to get those leaders the people really desire to lead them.But then again realize so few people in the society really get it anyway.

It seems one can if they choose to spend a lifetime trying to make things right only to find someone else will undo everything they had worked for in the process. Why, because they first believed in something and the second person believed in something else, when in reality they all wanted the same thing. Utopia. What do these people believe? Whatever they are told or come to believe thru their localized brain washing. Thus impeding the forward progression of the human race; personally I am not pleased by this of course, you understand.Having traced my ancestry all the way back I see that my genes have indeed been the rulers, the change makers and the status quo.

And in that realize we are all of the same genes. So it is now time to move this game to a higher level and stop pretending. And we should understand that the peanut gallery needs the leaders and they need the system running. So we must see that what is good for the few is good for the many and that it remains fair for all concerned as we move from the present period into future periods.

We should have it no other way. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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