Deep Into a Dark and Dangerous Land - Whatever Barack Obama can do to change things for the better will be extraordinarily limited because he will definitely be surrounded by the largest group of sociopaths ever assembled.

Are we Green Do we Recycle Canwe outlast the Dinosaurs - Can we solve the global problems of shortages of food, fuel, fresh water, the destruction of the forests and extinction of other species, and pollution of the water, the land, and the air, without solving the problem of overpopulation?.

Top reason The Illuminati is Better than You and Me - The idea that there exists a secret cabal of power elite whose soul purpose is world domination has inspired untold numbers to cower in paranoia.

Nancy Pelosi and Neville Chamberlain - Invertebrates like Nancy Pelosi and Neville Chamberlain are the fools who men like Adolf Hitler and George W.

A Race Hanging By a Thread - I have never spoken a kind word about the Israelis in my life, but it's simply impossible to deal with these hate-consumed Arabs.

Sleeping Dogs Politics and Politicians - Like the energy crises and the mortgage crises, problems can lie like Sleeping Dogs for decades before they blow up in our faces.

Talking to an Iraqi - It is important to understand the cultures and traditions and especially the people of the world in places like Iraq and AFghanistan where people are struggling trying to get a better life for their families and themselves.

Biomass is Our Key to Plentiful and Affordable Liquid Fuels - Ending global overheating can only be realized by stopping the burning of fossil fuels.

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