Deep Into a Dark and Dangerous Land

This U.S. Congress has the lowest approval rating on record; nevertheless, both guys who won their parties nomination were members of this disgraceful assembly. The United States is a country so starved for an ounce integrity and vision that its citizens have stampeded like a frighten herd of cattle in a hail storm to the words of a junior senator who at best has done the minimum of what should be expected of one in that position.

Yet, because of the incomprehensible lack of leadership of his colleagues, he appears like an oasis in the middle of the Sahara. His opponent is a man who has used a pithy track record in the military and U.S. Senate to win a Presidential Lotto ticket.

As a military pilot who was shot down twice in Vietnam, I did have some respect for McCain even through I knew he had done great harm to our efforts in Vietnam by making propaganda films for the enemy and accepting favors while other POWs, who refused to consort with the enemy, were punished. He brags about refusing to leave his fellow POWs, but says nothing about it being a court marshal offence had he do so by the General Orders of Article III of the United States Military Code of Conduct. Yet, it was not the likes McCain, Kissinger and McNamara that American hypocrites turned on and blamed for our failures in Vietnam. It was a little 110 woman named Jane Fonda who did exactly what the Christian Jesus advocated that this Christian nation attacked like starving hernias.

We have traveled a long, long ways down the wrong path deep into a dark and dangerous land. With two wars in progress, a third ready to start, global warming possibly pass the point of no return, and white collar criminals with such bravado they're actually challenging the puppets in the justice system like Michael B. Mukasey to do something about it, we're asking a lot of this inexperienced junior senator. Whatever Barack Obama can do to change things for the better will be extraordinarily limited because he will definitely be surrounded by the largest group of sociopaths ever assembled.

Bob Miller, who served as a pilot in Vietnam is now known as America's most controversial writer. Miller writes articles on Anti-War to save the nation from destruction caused by war. Miller's websites www.serveyournation.com , www.kill-me-if-you-can.com, and www.bobmillerwrites.com, explain the youth about the uselessness of war and prevent them from dying in war for nothing.

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