Top reason The Illuminati is Better than You and Me

The idea that there exists a secret cabal of power elite whose soul purpose is world domination has inspired untold numbers to cower in paranoia. If they even exist, this group, often referred to as The Illuminati, are so secretive that they can only be speculated upon. They are rumored to be the most powerful people in the world. ased on these rumors lets see what things these people can teach us about becoming "enlightened".

Here is my list of the top ten things that the Illuminati do that make them better than the rest of us. 10. They start off rich and powerful.

This is number ten because it's the least important. Having a good foundation to start from does make things easier but if you're smart, have a plan and be flexible, it's very likely that you can achieve anything. Poet Rob McCuen once said "I was born a poor bastard.

All I had to go was up." 9. They build networks and trust the right people.

You may find that with all the people in the world there are a lot of them who are fun to hang around but few of them you can truly trust. That's because when asked to do something important most people avoid the responsibility or fail. The more important the responsibility the more trusted these people need to be and the only way to do that is to test them.

Trust is earned slowly through progressive demonstrations. Trusting the right people doesn't mean they trust family, or friends. they only trust the people who have proven themselves to be trustworthy. You can be nice to almost anyone but you can trust only a few. 8.

They build themselves up. There is no lack of self esteem within the Illuminati. They consider themselves to be "The Enlightened Ones" and they act accordingly.

Most people walk through life beaten down into submission groveling for the slightest bit of respect. They never consider the possibility that if they start to think of themselves as respected, honorable, loved and admired that they might feel better and get more done. 7. They do what works. If something works they use it.

If something needs to be done they put it into action. They don't resort to dreaming, wishing or hoping. This is unlike most people who rely on what they've always known and not looked for something better.

Worse, when something doesn't work they resort to doing it more and harder. They also don't resort to relying merely upon "divine intervention". Instead they take complete responsibility for where they are at and get to work going after what they want. 6. They keep secrets.

If you've ever revealed a magic secret you know how disappointing it can be. From that point on your secret is out and people will come to you not to be amazed at your magic but to steal your knowledge. Knowledge is power and the Illuminati know how to keep it.

So should you. Keeping your goals, plans and ambitions secret builds you up on the inside and help strengthen your resolve. It also prevents the petty and envious from sabotaging your efforts. No one can battle what they do not know. You'll learn to reveal your secrets to only those people who you know can help you and reveal only as much as they will need to know.

5. They use mind control. Yet another reason to learn mind control. They don't rely on luck or hope.

They use everything they know that works to get what they want. That means mind control in all it's form; hypnosis, nlp, persuasion and more. They use mind control on others to influence, seduce and persuade (Just another reason to learn NLP and hypnosis). They also use mind control on themselves to keep themselves focused.

This mean keeping abreast of any self improvement program that will train their minds as if they world class athletes. 4. They keep calm. One reason they can stay so calm is that they have a plan that details exactly what to do next.

There is no guess work. They also have been trained in how to respond to chaos and confusion. They know that a rash and emotional reaction to anything will do nothing for them and work against their greater goals. How many people do you know can do that? It's easy to assume that the Illuminati are without emotion but in fact, they simply know what emotions help them and what emotions don't.

They are overjoyed when they know that even the smallest step is made toward their goal. They reserve anger and fear as a tool of control for the rest of us because they know the vast majority have never given any thought as to how they will respond when under stress. The old kung fu masters are always calm and unemotional when challenged by the young and ambitious students. They know how to apply the least amount of effort to kick anyone's ass. 3.

They save. The Illuminati know that to grow in money and power you can't spend it all at once. You must save a portion of all your profits and resources and let them grow. What percentage of your annual income do you have in savings? 2.

They invest. The Illuminati know that money and power have to be cultivated and grown. This it done by investment in both time and money.

Smart investing requires a two thing that most people lack 1) a deep understanding of the investment process and 2) patience. The Illuminati invest in what will make a profit: human nature. No one ever went broke when they built a business around the seven deadly sins.

1. They plan. The Illuminati are working a plan that some will say is hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years old. While the plan may change slightly based on circumstances the end result always remains the same; world domination. They know that this plan will not come about in one fell swoop but only with the patient progress of time and always keeping their goal in mind.

This is completely different from those of us who start college with one dream or ambition only to change our major six times and graduate waiting tables. hardly the plan we started with. Final Note: The point of this tongue-in-cheek article was not to build up the self esteem of the power elite . they are doing quite well in that area .

but to point out that anything they can do to prosper you can do too. PS, if you are in the Illuminati I'd like to submit my membership application. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Dantalion Jones (formerly JK Ellis) is a writer and researcher in the field of mind control and self-improvement. His main web site is http://www.MindControl101.com and his blog is http://mindcontrol101.blogspot.com.

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