Urban Renewal and Government Tax Receipts - Currently due to higher oil prices sales tax receipts are up and this helps governments with more money to spend to revitalize our cities and towns and better our infrastructure.

Jobs and the Flow of Fuel - We see today a fierce unspoken competition between trucks and trains.

Are Our Nuclear Power Plants in All States Safe - Some believe that our Nuclear Power Plants are not safe.

Is Harry Belafonte A Naive Mouthpiece For The Far Left - In my opinion, Harry Belafonte, is a mouthpiece for the far left, however, he is not naive.

Our Politics Need A Tune Up - Our politics need a tune up, with the way that things are getting, we need some changes in how the politics are done, we need not to place so much emphasis on what all the whiners think, and concentrate on what our country needs t.

China Walmart USA - This week I was watching a TV program about Wal-Mart and its spectacular operations world wide.

The Land of the Free - February 25, 2006 - Let me begin by making the statement that the issues below deal specifically with the United States, but I personally feel they apply to the world as a whole.

The Iraq War Is Unfinished Bush Family Business - Saddam Hussein stayed in power longer than his adversary, the purported victor in Desert Storm, George Herbert Walker Bush.

New Embryonic Stem Cell Method Might Split Supporters - Not For The Catholics.

Immigration Reform Lets Use Common Sense - Few of the many suggestions swirling around the current immigration debate use much common sense.

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