Our Politics Need A Tune Up

Our politics need a tune up, with the way that things are getting, we need some changes in how the politics are done, we need not to place so much emphasis on what all the whiners think, and concentrate on what our country needs to stay alive and vital, our country has been at the top of the food chain for a long time, and we need to do what it takes to keep it there.We live in a land of freedom and democracy, and for these ideas to keep working the United States needs a tune up, we need to think about how we got our freedoms in the first place, and do what it takes to keep it all in tact, alive and vital, it's a lot of hard work, just like it always has been, we don't need to demilitarize, we need to streamline and make the most of what we have to keep things flowing at an even keel.We need to pay attention to the needs of our country, and it's people, we need to improve homeland security, and tighten up our borders, we need to know the background of people from other countries that wish to enter the United States, and the people who are charged with providing this information need the right to do it, we need to put a dent in the drugs that flow in to this country, from Columbia and other places, our law enforcement agencies need to have cart blanche to fight this problem.If you don't think the money from drug sales is supporting other illegal activities, then you may need your way of thinking tuned up, drugs do fund terrorism, and many other activities that our country could live without, and the more money these people make, the more power that they will gain, drug sales is not about money, it's about power, the power to control people and events in our country.Our president needs the support of our people, not a bunch of whiners trying to get him out of office, I don't care you're a democrat or a republican, that is not what matters, what matters is that George W.

Bush is our president, and you can either help our country or hinder it, the man is doing the best that he can, with what he has to work with, and tree huggers, whiners, hippies and people who just like to bitch in general, will slow the whole process of returning our country to it normal state down.If you don't have anything constructive to say, then just for the love of god be quiet, and let this country get back to it's self again, you know, the place where we all want to live, the USA, if you want to support our country, then buy things that are built in the USA, and keep the money flowing in our country, you don't have to buy import goods to be cool, if you want to help buy things that are built here.Put in you two cents to help get rid of the drugs, and the gangs, and the general scum that runs in those groups of people, show some respect for your country and it way of life, if your going to fly any colors, make sure that they are red, white and blue, because those are the only colors that you need to fly in this country.

.I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and have been in the automotive business for about 25 years, and during that time I have worked in all facets of the industry, plus owned my own shops, like I do now.

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By: David Atkin

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